In today’s market there are literally hundreds of cold medicines. I can’t ever pick the right one because it seems like none of them work. I normally catch a cold every year because my kids bring it home and they stay in my face. My son does okay with colds as he doesn’t catch them often but that little girl….she always brings it home with her. Since she is 7 and can’t take a lot of meds I have to go old school with her to try and get rid of her cold some of the methods I use for her are

  • Vick’s Vapor rub – I rub some on her back, her feet (then I put socks on), her chest, under her nose and on the bridge of her nose, and then her pulse points on her wrist.
  • I make her drink a teaspoon of honey every morning, when she gets home from school, and at night
  • Room temperature ginger ale
  • Soup….I fix all kinds. I also get broth for her from the hibachi place. I get it big container of it and give it to her
  • I make sure I get her some pedialyte for drinking purposes so she stays hydrated

If I have to give her meds it will be advil or motrin if she has a fever. DayQuil can be given also for kids her age (something new) but other than that I don’t do any other meds for her. If I do the above daily she is normally over her cold within three days. For adults the story is a bit different. As a single parent…I can’t afford to get sick so I have to be very mindful of what I take and how I take it. If I feel a cold coming on I start with Emergen C packs The super orange one is really good! Then I start taking cod liver oil. I don’t take that all the time because it makes my doo doo green and I was concerned about that so I only take it when I feel it coming. At night I rub down in vicks and I start drinking ginger ale. Not the safe kind either the red rock one. That one is stronger and works wonders! It’s a bit hard to take and will make you gag a couple of times but it works….trust me. If I start to take those when I feel a cold coming….I usually don’t get the brunt of the cold and can bypass the hardest part. If I do happen to get really sick here are the meds I trust and some tips you can use

  • Tylenol Cold and Flu….Tylenol doesn’t work for me on headaches or anything else but surprisingly the cold meds work wonders. I take the night time one because it helps at night to ease the pain
  • Cough Drops (Halls) I suck on those all the time when I have a cold. I actually suck on them right before I sleep and will fall asleep with it in my mouth. Don’t try that at too often but it works wonders at night to help you sleep
  • Robitussin – This works for coughs….it’s my go to if I can’t get rid of a persistent cough
  • Vicks – Get the big jar…trust me you will need it the entire winter
  • Honey – I get the all natural honey specifically for the area that you live in. There is a farmers market near me that sells organic honey that I take. This also helps with my sons allergies!
  • Echinacea – I use to take this a lot when I was little but got away from it. You can take this or the cod liver oil both work well
  • Chicken noodle soup – You can make your own (I recommend it) or you can buy some. I prefer Progresso over Campbells personally because it’s more hearty but that’s just my preference
  • Sit up in bed – This helps my daughter with that persistent cough at night and it helps me sleep better
  • Tea – I like the sleepy time tea (the one with the bear on it) but I also get a honey Earl Greyer tea from Panera. That tea….OMG I don’t know what’s in it but it always helps me
  • Cut up a red onion and place it on your nightstand. I had the flu last year and this helped….it smelled bad but it did help
  • Sweat it out – I bundle up at night and sweat the stuff out of me. I wear socks, two t-shirts, sweat pants, and even a sweatshirt. You will be hot but will feel better in the mornings
  • Apple cider vinegar….I only take this if it’s to the bad point. I normally don’t do this one unless I have to…it’s disgusting
  • One more secret……Oregano Oil…..put this in some water and drink it down

Of course the best way to get rid of a cold is to get rest, drink plenty of fluids, and exercise.

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How do you get rid of your cold? What are some of the best meds to take? Is there a natural remedy that you use?

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