It's Life

It’s time to let that relationship go

August 14, 2017

Everyone is calling me these days to ask me my advice on how to keep their marriage going. I don’t know …..do I have a sign on my head that says I’m the relationship expert? It seems that way. Friends are calling me asking me what I regretted in my marriage, picking my brain to see what suggestions I can offer them. People wanna know….how do I know…

It's Food & Drinks

Cheesy Sausage Dip

August 11, 2017

I love a good dip! Most of the time I buy the jar ones and I am beginning to not like them anymore so I think it’s time to make my own dip. Chips and Dip are my thing! Whats your favorite chips and dip? I can make this an actual meal for myself so this can be turned into a dinner item instead of a snack. Ingredients:…

It's Life

Dear 2017..I’m Reclaiming my Time

August 7, 2017

Happy August! This year has come and gone in such a whirlwind I can’t believe we are almost at Christmas again….I mean you might as well say you are the way the time is moving. 2017 was a great year so far here is what I’ve done I spoke at my first blog conference in May. It was scary but I think I did good. I spoke with…


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