What’s a non crank day you ask? It’s a day that I do not crank my car at all. I don’t go anywhere unless there is an emergency. I started my non crank days as a new tradition for 2017 because I felt that I was ripping and running all day long during the week and that I needed to have some time for myself. I have to take it….I have to be selfish because if I don’t take a day for me to rest my body, my soul, and my mind I will end up in someone’s hospital. I usually take a non crank day on Sundays. I don’t go to church here in Atlanta ( I couldn’t find a decent one so I gave up and watch sermons online) and most people don’t have parties or things planned on Sundays. Sundays are the perfect day to take a non crank day. Sometimes though I have to switch up and if I must I will take Saturday as my non crank day and do things on Sunday. I make my schedule like that (the perks of being the boss!) so that I can move things around or schedule things all in one day. I am a stickler for planning ahead of time. Do not….I repeat do not come to me and ask me to do something at the last minute because I make my schedule ahead of time so if you have a party going on that Sunday and I already have plans on not cranking that Sunday guess who won’t be at your party (points fingers at me) I am sorry in advance but I need this day. So what do I do on my non crank days? Work…….

  • Cook and prep meals for the week
  • Wash all the clothes (normally about 4 loads)
  • Spot clean (I have a cleaning lady that my uncle pays for so I only have to touch up)
  • Lay on my couch and nap
  • Write out about 2-3 blog posts and take the pictures for them
  • Nap some more
  • Wander around my house and touch things because I am like the wind the rest of the week and I don’t get to see or touch my house for long periods of time
  • Watch TV and catch up with netflix series and shows on my DVR
  • Spend time with the kids (most of the time they get me on Saturday nights because that is there time so I actually don’t spend any time with them on my non crank day unless I didn’t get to spend time with them the night before)
  • Don’t talk to anyone on the phone and only text folks

I thought I would show you all a day of what it feels like to not crank so here is a day in the life of our non crank Saturday/Sunday

We get up late around here and cook some english muffin french toast

My son helps make breakfast he is in charge of the meat

Then I make my son take out the trash…its kind of heavy but he got it lol

He was wheezing the night before so I thought it was time to bring Mr. Neb out he has severe allergies and asthma

My daughter thinks its dance time so I watch her dance around the house

Now it’s time to help her clean her room she says she needs more money and has a list of things that she likes instead of cleaning her room

Clothes are washed, rooms are cleaned, kitchen is clean….now it’s time to do some blog posts. I knock about 3 of them out

My son is quiet…..let me go check on him….yep as I suspected playing xbox live with his friends

Now it’s time for a pre dinner meal. I am hungry lol

It’s okay to not rip and run sometimes. I do so much during the week with kids activities and other things that I truly love spending time alone on the weekends with my thoughts. It’s funny because I use to always want to be on the go but as I get older and I pay for a home…I know that sometimes I need to be in the very thing I work hard to pay for. Do you have a non crank day? How does your weekend look?







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