Sometimes in life we are afraid of things. I think people keep their deepest fears to themselves never to reveal them to anyone. I remember one of my fears was that I would lose my mother at an early age. I actually did lose my mom too and I always thought dang my fears came true. We all fear something it could be snakes, big rig trucks, driving, swimming, monsters (the ones unseen and the ones we see daily), God, etc. Our fears sometimes consumes us to the point of no return. Here is the funny thing about fear… have to Face Everything and Rise (FEAR) face your fears. You don’t have to do them all at once….mark them off your list. One of my biggest fears is going on an airplane. I will conquer my fear one day because I want to see the world. I can’t let fear stop me from traveling because I love to travel!

fright fest six flags

Speaking of fear….Halloween is coming. I remember I use to fear going trick or treating because some of the houses on our block….scary as hell. These days you can enjoy some scary stuff at your local venues. Here in Atlanta you can go to Six Flags FrightFest and enjoy a scary good time. My family and I went last week Friday and we got to see some behind the scenes shots of how they make you look scary and all of the different scary attractions that they had out. Let’s start off with a video of how our night went……..

_mg_1464 fright fest six flags

Having a behind the scenes look at how they put on the makeup was so cool!

fright fest over ga

six flags fright fest

We even got in on the action. My niece and her dad got their makeup done and wow does it look scary.

_mg_1529 six flags over ga

This is the makeup of one of the characters for the night

six flags over ga fright fest

After we rode some rides, went through the haunted house (all two of them) and got scared shatless with people lurking around dark corners we decided to have some fun scaring ourselves

six flags fright fest

If you live in or near GA make sure you all come and check out fright fest! It’s not for kids under 13 unless they aren’t scared. I will tell you my grown butt was kind of scared a few times.

What do you do on Halloween? Do you go to area attractions? Are you afraid to tackle this park?


This lady kept following us as we were exiting the park………..lawd hammercy

six flags fright fest

six flags fright fest

error: Are you trying to steal something? Tsk Tsk Tsk