Bullying-  regardless if it is done verbally or with direct physical contact – can be one of the most traumatic experiences a child will have to endure and live with for the rest of his life with dire consequences in mental growth and development.

Kids of school age are oftentimes the likely targets of bullying and parents need to be wary about this because let’s face it, bullying continues to happen in schools. Bullying are telltale signs of psychological distress from the ones doing it – it may be a lack of attention by parents, an insecurity handicap or a result of abuse.

A parent’s role is crucial in processing their children  to deal with bullying and here are three important things to know to prevent kids from getting bullied at school.


  1. Be wary of signs. Parents need to be always attentive and sensitive to the feelings of their children. Kids who are bullied oftentimes do not open up to their parents for fear that they would get hurt by the bullies who commonly threaten them with harm kids tell on them.

One of the telltale signs of those getting bullied is the sudden lack of interest in activities at home or at school. Sometimes kids would remain silent for long periods of time or distance themselves from others.


  1. Maintain an Open Line of Communication. Always reassure your kids that you are their ally and that you will always be available to listen to them and parents as well should also do their part in taking the time to talk to their children. If the child feels that they have a strong support structure at home, they would oftentimes open up and discuss things that happened in school.


  1. Take action. You do not have to resort to retaliation in dealing with a bullying situation. Take the time to go to the school authorities to have this sorted out, otherwise your child would feel helpless if you ignore this.

There will always be more diplomatic ways to deal with this and you can always have the leverage of insisting for closure regarding this matter. If nothing happens, you will always have the law by your side for you to seek redress and pursue legal action.

What’s crucial is to let your kids know that they will always find support in you, if you need to inform them about the actions that are being taken to address issues like this, the better.

For as long as kids feel that bullying needs to stop in our schools and that their parents are behind them every step of the way, there would not be enough room for bullies to flex their muscles and terrorize our children.

Parents Should Play Their Part To Prevent Bullying In Schools

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