I can’t decorate. I don’t have a decorating bone in my body. I see stuff online and in the stores and I love it but putting it together at my house just seems like a huge task. Like can someone do this for me! For the holidays I had someone come put some stuff up on my front porch because I tried to do it and it was a disaster. I had someone come and decorate my home for me (thanks Brandi) because I wanted something nice and clean but didn’t know how to put that together. I get frustrated when I go into the stores and see all the stuff and I don’t know where to start. So how does someone decorate when they can’t decorate…..easy….we hire someone lol. If you can’t afford to hire someone here are some other tips…….

Don’t try to be perfect – No one is perfect but God and you shouldn’t try to have the perfect home decor. The key is to have something you love. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to my home and either they love my decor or they hate it. It’s not for them it’s for me. My home decor is perfect for who I am and I am not trying to please everyone. If you can’t stand to look at my blue couches don’t come to my home.

Pick up things one at a time – This is hard because I have no patience. That’s my problem I want the design right out of the store but when you put those prices together…..geesus. I need all of the things NOW. I have to pace myself and take my time to pick up items that I love to piece it all together. If you see something in one store then get it and browse around until you can complete the look.

Buy the main item first and then work around it – For me I need to buy the center piece first and then work the design around that. For my living room I have a blue couch….I needed to make sure that I fit my decor around that couch and not the other way around. I bought the couch first then we did the art work and the pieces to tie it together.

Know your color scheme – My living room is apple green and blue which I love! I knew I wanted to do something different for my living room that wasn’t the norm. Most people have the basic colors but I don’t do basic. I like to think outside the box and do something different. I march to my own beat and I thought having a blue couch with apple green decor would pop and make people stop and stare. If you know your color scheme you can always find pieces to match.

Of course we can browse Pinterest (which I did) and get the app Houzz (I stalked the shat out of that app), or you can just go rogue and do your own thing. Of course there are companies that can help like Minted.

I am an online shopper and I love to browse online for unique things that not everyone can find in the stores. You know how you go to Old Navy to buy a nice outfit and then 20 other people have that same outfit. Yeah…..I hate that so I shop at places that not everyone shops at to find unique items that fit my taste and style. Minted has that especially during the holidays and all year round. I bought some cute items from them a few weeks ago and I want to share how I am I using them to make it look like I can decorate.

I bought this artwork from Minted and it tied nicely into my Christmas decor. I did good because I bought it on my own. I kept in mind that I loved gold and wanted to use that color scheme for my holiday decor!

How to decorate when you can't decorate

I also bought two pillows. I loved that the pillows came with the inserts because going around trying to find inserts for pillows that I bought off of Etsy is a pain that I don’t need. That’s extra work. Minted makes it easy to order the pillow you like and keep it moving.

2016-11-30-09-08-33-1 How to decorate when you can't decorate

The second pillow I bought for my sons room. His room is orange and blue and I thought his pillow represented him well.

The other pillow I used to finish up my holiday decor look. I just need something red to tie it all together and I will be good to go!

How to decorate when you can't decorate

How do you decorate your home? Do you hire someone or use your own skills to make it yours?

Make sure you all check out how my girls used minted to decorate for the holidays! This post was sponsored by Minted. All opinions are my own

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How to decorate when you can't decorate

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