Halloween is such a fun and exciting time not just for kids but parents as well. It’s a perfect time to let our kid side out and have a little fun with creativity. Unfortunately, the “kid” side some let out is not fun for anyone but them. In fact, many people have twisted views of fun and they like to strike during moments that are the easiest. During Halloween, there is a lot of scary stuff that’s being done for fun however, this can make it difficult to differentiate between real and pretend. Halloween is the perfect time to strike for any twisted person looking to do so. So, here are a few tips to keep you and the entire family safe this holiday!

  1. Do not let your kids go anywhere alone or even in pairs. They’re still not safe. A grown person could still easily overpower 2-3 children even up into their early teens. So, be smart and take the time to go with them or make sure it’s a group they’re going with that has a count over three. If they’re young, don’t let them go without an adult.
  2. Check any candy that’s not your own. Sadly, this is the easiest way to ensure hurting people is by spiking candy. When I say spike, I mean it could be laced with drugs, have razor blades, etc. This may sound like it’s rare but sadly, it’s not. Happens every year and often.
  3. Bring your pets inside. It is very common for animals to disappear during the Halloween season. It’s no joke. Sadly, it’s not easy to think about how most of them are found. So, bring them inside, or have someone watch them if you’re unable to.
  4. Go trick or treating in the daylight. If you truly would like to be safer but still get candy, some have started taking to the streets during the day or when there’s still enough light out for it to be safe.
  5. Plan a route. If your kids are going in a group or without you or even if you are going, plan a route. This way, those who know you know where to look if they have any concerns.
  6. Opt for a trunk or treat. If you don’t like chancing walking the streets and don’t want to ruin the fun by going during the day, go to a trunk or treat. Many churches have these and it is held in a single parking lot with trusted church members.
  7. Skip the mask. If a child is out and about, having a mask can make it hard to see. This makes it easier for them to either not see where they’re going or what’s going on around them. They need to be able to be alert and aware.
  8. Don’t approach a poorly lit house. In this day and age, the world is too creepy, anything can happen. Sticking to well-lit areas will make it harder for creeps to take off with children.

I love Halloween and I don’t mean to ruin any fun! Just stay safe out there and enjoy your holiday!

Halloween Safety Tips

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