Competing with Freelancers that are bigger than you

July 6, 2016

We all have a business that is similar to ours that we want to measure up against. For some it’s a competition for others it’s inspiring to see how big we can be. I have a lot of competition in the freelance world. Everyone is a graphic designer, a photographer, or a web developer. I know a few blog buddies who I have done their website and now they are doing websites….it happens. There are designers out there that make over 60,000 a year doing the very same thing I do….I feel they are bigger than me but do I let that stop me? NO, and neither should you. Am I jealous of their success….no because I don’t know what background training or skills they posses I only know what I can do and what I can’t do. So how do you keep up with those that you “think” are bigger than you.

Don’t let your potential clients slip through the crack…………

Bigger companies mean that they can’t handle all of the requests that come their way. There is a company that I admire who can only take on two clients a month……that’s good news for me because I can come in do the same thing they do and take on more clients. I can do this because I have help….my assistants… When a client emails me normally they don’t have to wait a while for me to respond to their requests. Some companies put you on a waiting list….because there is a few of us I don’t have to do that.  I also respond to emails within 24 hours….why? It’s the right thing to do. I don’t care if you email me at 2am you will get a response ASAP usually by mid morning …if not that night (I am a night owl so I am up late lol)

Have a personality………….

No one wants to work with a boring person…at least I don’t. I like to have fun with my clients and cut right to my humor in the beginning. We don’t have to be stuffy. This is also a great way to know if this person will be one of those types of clients…..I am not fond of all the seriousness if they are that serious, that sometimes mean they are that picky and I can’t work with super picky people. I had a client that needed a flyer done in two days….I said two days you need the help of super graphic women….to the rescue I come. She thought this was funny and loved that I had a sense of humor. I actually did the flyer in one day.

Treat your clients good……..

I like to surprise people although I hate surprises. My new clients always get a special surprise from me because I want them to know that I appreciate them. It’s a small token to give them something extra that they didn’t have to pay for. I normally surprise them with it which makes them remember me. I feel good when my clients feel good. Always be available when they have questions. A lot of people charge for simple changes. If I did a website and I had a client come to me 6 months later to change something small and minor I do it…no charge. I don’t have to charge for things that only take me 5 minutes to do. Being good to those that pay you their hard earned money makes you stand out.

You may not have money for marketing or advertising but customer service is free….use it the best way you know how.

Competing with Freelancers that are bigger than you


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    July 6, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Great tips. These internets are so crowded right now!! Any tips to stand out are so helpful!

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