It’s 1:30 in the afternoon as I am writing this and just took a break from editing some photos that I took for a baby. It was not really a photoshoot but since I carry my camera everywhere that I go I made it one. I remember going out to eat and some people were out of town. They asked me to snap a photo of them with their cell phone camera and not even thinking….I took my camera out and snapped the picture ignoring the cell phone that was pushed into my hands. I asked for their cell number and said that I would edit with my VSCO editing app and send it to them within a few minutes. This was the photo

What I love about photography is that you can capture moments. A moment that doesn’t change in the picture even if the person in the picture has changed. I remember my mom had a camera in her hands all the time I didn’t realize it at the time but she was a photographer. She would carry that damn camera everywhere we went…Kita smile, Kita turn around look at the camera, Kita can you stop sticking your tongue out. I remember I took one photo with my tongue out because I was tired of taking pictures and my mother set her camera down and said ok I won’t bother you with anymore pictures. I was around 9 at the time and she didn’t take any pictures of me again until I was around 12 or at least I thought. She actually snuck some photos of me without me knowing since I was such a brat about her taking pictures. If I knew then what I know now……

Fast forward to me being in my mid 30’s and me not having my mother here on earth anymore……what gives me comfort is knowing that I can go through all 2000+ photos that she has of me from the time I was a baby to before she passed and remember the good memories (some where I was bad too) and reflect on those times that were captured. It gives me comfort and peace knowing that I can look at them anytime I want. Which is why I picked up a camera…..

I think it was back in 2014 that I bought my first DSLR I always had a little point and shoot but I wanted those crisp and clear pictures so I bought a T3i. I took photos with it and loved capturing the kids then I followed some photography blogs and then took some lessons from Lashawn . After some practice and some test subjects I decided to get the Canon 6D. That’s my boo….like it’s my everything. I carry my camera everywhere with me…..right in my purse. I take photos of everything a bug, a flower, buildings, my kids, my home, the store, people, etc. My kids even know that mommy cares about her camera…my daughter even said to me one day…Mom do you even care about us, if I trip and fall and I am holding your camera who would you tend to first. Mom guilt had me thinking my gotdamn camera….SHAT. After that thought went through my head I of course said you, I would tend to you.

I didn’t know anything about Bill Cunningham until around the later part of last year. I was combing through some articles on Facebook and someone posted something about him and I went to look him up and I was fascinated by him. How he didn’t even need much, just a bike and a camera. Not a bunch of lens, no lighting, no fancy extra stuff just him and his camera. Street photography at it’s finest. He taught me that less is more…and that your skill shouldn’t be based on what you say….only on what you do. You see he did it everyday….he went out and he took photos. When you have a love for the craft you just do what you love. You don’t worry about other people, you don’t worry about what equipment you have or don’t have, you don’t worry about money. All those things will come all you need to do is worry about your craft and be the best at it and do it every single day. If you say you are a cook then you should be cooking 80% of the time, if you say you are a photographer then your camera should never be far from your side, if you say you are stylist then you need to always have on the latest most unique outfit out there. A photographer tells the story through the lens…you shouldn’t care about what you look like taking photos, if you have to climb a tree to get that shot do it. You shouldn’t care about the opinion of others either. Many times when I shoot people are giving me direction instead of just being natural and let me do the shooting. I hope Mr. Cunningham is having a blast on the streets of heaven taking as many photos as he wants!

You can see some of my photos that I have taken on my Hire me page if you want to see some of the things I have taken. I prefer lifestyle shots and shooting for small businesses.

Have you heard of Bill Cunningham? What does photography mean to you?

Bill Cunningham taught me something

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