My weekends are either jam packed or filled with laziness. There is no in between there is no compromise. I always either schedule a bunch of stuff or I have a non crank up weekend. For the past 3 weekends….it’s been jam packed. I think I will finally be free the weekend after next. I live for my weekends because it’s the only time I am not ripping and running with kids. A few weekends ago my family and I decided to spend the weekend in downtown Atlanta. The plan was to see what we could do for $1500 that had to be split among 9 people. That $1500 included hotel, shop, and play…….let’s get started with that Friday.

weekend in Atlanta

The kids were out of school for the week since it was fall break (ridiculous that GA schools has so many breaks….I feel so bad for working parents). That Friday we gathered everyone up and decided to hit the Loews Hotel. Before we checked in though we went to the world of Coke. For 9 people to get in we spent around $150 (that included kids and adults)

I love the coke center for the history but the best part is the tasting of coke around the world. I love Africa but Africa stuff taste the weirdest lol. Asia is the best to me. The kids loved walking around and learning the history. We also loved that they gave us a signature coke bottle when we arrived and one when we left. Did you know that simply lemonade was a part of the coke family? I had no idea so many brands that I love are a part of coke. No wonder I love them so much. The video in the beginning that they show you….will have you crying or at least have you shedding a tear.

coke-6-of-32 coke-5-of-32 coke-4-of-32 weekend in atlanta

The store had so many things in it… something so that you can keep as a memory

After we left the coke center we decided to go and check in. The hotel took the bulk of our money. We came in at $500 for one night two rooms… while some may say that’s expensive remember it was a weekend and we are in the heart of downtown Atlanta. I mean if we are going to spend a night in Atlanta….we might as well do it right.The Loews Hotel knows how to treat you right….here is what I loved

  • Valet parking because if you’ve ever been to Atlanta….you know how that parking can be
  • We could walk to a few places to eat and dine without getting in the car
  • The view……AMAZING
  • The phone calls to make sure you have everything

So the front desk called us about an hour after we arrived…..they asked if we needed anything and how did we like the room. I asked for some extra towels and it was brought up within 5 minutes……SHAT! This hotel is not budget friendly so my suggestion is when you come to Atlanta…stay on the outskirts and not downtown if money is tight. We already live on the outskirts so that is why we decided to stay smack dab in the city. Get a taste of that city life!

coke-26-of-32 coke-18-of-32 coke-17-of-32 coke-16-of-32 coke-15-of-32 weekends in atlanta

Don’t touch anything in the hotel in any of the slots because they will charge you. If you pick up the water…bam…you are charged. With little kids …they touch everything so I had to get a few things taken off but it was no problems doing so.

After we relaxed for a few we decided to hit the town and go shopping. Ikea first!

I love Ikea! They have some of the best kitchen products for el cheapo and they last for a while. I mean good stuff even better than what TJMaxx or Homegood sells. I suggest if you are a cook go to Ikea and get you a few things. I also use them to buy photography props for my pictures……shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

coke-21-of-32 coke-20-of-32 coke-19-of-32

We won’t talk about how they had Christmas stuff up already……………

Shopping came to $250..remember we had a $1500 budget for two families with 9 people. We are down to $600 (1500-coke-hotel-ikea)

We deduced to eat somewhere that was cheap to maximize our cost remember we still had Saturday to explore. We decided to eat at Chick a Biddy. Now my cousins didn’t like chick a biddy….they thought it was disgusting. Now granted I think it’s great but I have never visited in the evenings so it was a little off. Here is a tip with Chick A Biddy…drink water or sweet tea. Everything else you have to pay for because those are the only things that are free refills…..yeah……….don’t go if you love to drink and want free refills. My suggestion maybe try out california pizza kitchen or moes in the Atlantic station area.

coke-24-of-32 coke-23-of-32 weekend in Atlanta

We walked around a bit and checked out some of the sites… this Christmas tree…again….can we celebrate Thanksgiving first!

weekends in Atlanta

We decided to go back to the hotel and chill but of course we are trying to keep up with the young folk so my cousin, her daughter, and I went walking from the hotel to Cafe Intermezzo. Cafe Intermezzo is the spot! I use to go there all the time after a night of partying when I was in college so it felt good to go back there that night sit and talk until late! If you love good tea and coffee in the late evenings….this is the place to be! We talked about life and how we wanted better for our kids we hope that the teenager we had with us was listening because she could live this life if she gets her grades up and do good in school.

weekend in Atlanta

Now it’s time to go to sleep! Stay tuned for our second day in Atlanta next week.

weekends in Atlanta


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