Tis the season—kids are headed back to school and cooler, fall weather is headed our way. Germs are being spread around like wildfire and it feels like sick days are more common than well days. Thankfully, there are ways to prepare for this crazy sick-filled season in order to fight it before it catches you. The biggest point is to be aware and take care of yourself and your kids. It can be hard to keep things clean but that’s the best and easiest way to fight viruses and bacteria. Below are a few more ways to fight those pesky things!

  1. Hand Sanitizer – It might sound ridiculous but this stuff was made for a reason. Carry it everywhere and have your kids carry it to school and teach them to randomly use it throughout the day. One small step to fighting germs!
  2. Try to Not Touch Doorknobs – Doorknobs and some other surfaces are places that rarely get cleaned and everybody and their dog touches it which makes it a huge highway for passing germs. Use your elbow or some other area that isn’t readily introduced to your face. It’s worth it.
  3. Sanitize Everything – When the kids come home, have them wash their hands and face right away. Use some disinfectant spray to spritz their backpacks, shoes, etc. It might sound like overkill, but germs come from school more than any other place. Disinfect your home as well. Doorknobs, phones, handles, etc.
  4. Don’t Go Places Already Sick – If you’re already sick or your child is, don’t go out and about unless it’s a dire need. A body’s immune system is already trying to keep up when you’re sick so if you go out, your chances of catching something else are quite high.
  5. Plenty of Exercise – If your body isn’t in tip top shape, it will struggle to fight things off. Keep your body as healthy as possible and you will see your sicknesses fade quicker or never come at all.
  6. Vitamins – Make sure you or your child’s bodies are well prepared with vitamins. A daily multivitamin is perfect and a little extra vitamin C wouldn’t hurt.
  7. Stay Hydrated – I don’t mean with soda. If your body isn’t getting plenty of water, it can’t flush itself out correctly and it won’t function as well as it could. Water is key to a healthy body.
  8. Kick Old Habits – Habits such as smoking and biting your nails can actually cause you to become sick more easily. Fingernails harbor a large amount of germs and bacteria and smoking weakens the immune system.

Overall, stay clean and don’t be afraid to appear a little freakish with your habits between you and your family. They even say to wash your hands as soon as possible upon shaking someone else’s hand because germs are just that crazy during this season. Staying healthy is worth getting a couple stares simply because it’s so hard to mess up schedules!

8 Tips to Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

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