I know most people are kind of done with twitter but it’s the number one source that drives traffic to my site. When I first got on twitter years ago it was because I wanted a place where I can talk to people without having to cloud up my Facebook Timeline. I could watch a tv show or movie and not have to worry about people saying OMG not her saying something again or them getting a notification every time something happened. Twitter is the place I met a lot of my now friends (weird I know) but it started with people getting to know me from my tweets and then me getting to know them through theirs. Twitter is still a favorite of mine although I know you all see a lot more links these days than me actually talking but I do try to go on there at least 3 times a day and talk to people. So how do drive traffic to my blog through twitter? Easy…..

1.Tweet your link out more than once a day. Twitter moves fast and you need to be able to keep up. I tweet out the link to my blog posts several times a day and sometimes I even change up the wording. For example if I tweet out this post today I will say…..Twitter is my number one source for traffic and here’s why (insert link along with hashtags) then a a few hrs later I will say Whats your favorite thing about twitter? Here is what I love about the platform (insert link…with hashtags) then a few hrs later I will say are you using twitter the right way? Find out how I use it to bring thousands to my site (insert link and hashtags) see how I worded the same link a few different ways….do that. You need to send out a link at least 10 times a day no less than 8 but I send out a link 10 times because….it’s twitter. I start in the mornings at 6 and end at night around 12….all of it is scheduled using post planner. It’s my favorite tool for twitter!

2. Make your blog content into an image or a video. I am more on the image side as I don’t really like videos so making your content into a image draws people in. People are visual…they like to see what it is you are talking about! Take the time to create a quote or sentence from your blog into twitter using an image. I use adobe sparks for mine because it’s easy! Here is an example of an image from this post that I will use…..I used the palm tree because it matches my brand (stay on brand as much as possible)

3. Mention people in your blog post. This is huge……huge! If I mention any brands or anyone in particular in my blog post I make sure I @ them most of the time (80%) of the time they will rt you to their followers for more exposure. This is big when it comes to driving traffic to your blog. It doesn’t have to be a sponsored post either. I did a post on Old Navy a while back that was not sponsored and they liked and shared my post to their audience on their twitter. I also did the same for a restaurant I worked with and other various brands or products that I mention in my blog post. This leads to traffic and other opportunities to work with the brand at a later time.

4. Talk to people and thank them for sharing your post. If someone @’s you and says great post…please reply and say thank you. My gawd it doesn’t take much to simply say thank you to someone who took the time to rt your post. There is a lady who always @’s me and shares my post often….after a week of her doing that I started going on her blog and developed a relationship with her guess what….she is now one of my good business coaches who has helped me with great ideas and advice. Thank people who take the time out to rt your post to their audience no matter how big or small saying thank you goes a long way!

5. Pin your latest post or a popular one to the top of your TL. This is important to do. I normally do the most popular posts a week at the top. I look at my analytics and I see which post did the best for the week view wise and then I pin that post to the top. I check my posts every Sunday evening for the week and then pin the most popular one. It’s easy to do and drives even more traffic to that post. If I am working with a sponsored post I will put that post to the top also but it varies. Change that pinned post often!

Twitter is all about engagement here are a few other tricks I use with twitter that helps me

  • Have a twitter list of all of the bloggers who regularly comment on your blog even if you can’t comment on their blog at least you can tweet their latest post. This is a great way of thanking them
  • I also use twitter lists for PR purposes and to keep a running list of people I regularly tweet with
  • Watch two tv shows a week with twitter…live. You don’t have to do it live but it’s more fun that way! I try to watch at least one or two shows a week live on twitter. I think that it’s fun and you get to see what everyone else talks about during the show. Makes the show that much more fun….you know back in the day we use to be on the phone with our friends when certain shows come on or call up our buddy when something happened during the commercial break….these days just tweet about it and use the hashtags. A lot of shows use your tweets for marketing and you never know if the start of the show might just rt you (oprah retweeted me once during her lifeless…I almost passed out)
  • Use a click to tweet in your blog post like I will right now…this helps people click what you want them to put on twitter for you
If you don't have any clue as to what you can tweet about on twitter here are some quick ideas..... Click To Tweet
  • ask for suggestions or feedback. People love to help and you can get great ideas from strangers
  • tips of the day. I use to do this but I leave my tips to my newsletter but definitely give tips if you can
  • take part in trending hashtags….this is so cool to do and it’s fun to see what other creative ways people use a hashtag
  • tweet a teaser to your blog post a day ahead of the scheduled blog post…this gets people waiting and ready
  • answer questions. I use 5 min a day to browse through my twitter and answer people that I see…set some time aside to engage with others
  • Fill in the blank posts always work wonders people love those
  • Say a simple good morning and happy Monday…..that goes a long way and lets people know there is still a human behind the links

How does twitter work for you? Are you on twitter? If so, leave your handle below so I can make sure I follow you!

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