I want my kids to know that nothing comes easy. You have to work for what you want and when your cup is full….make sure you fill up someone else cup. It could be in community work, mentoring, or just helping someone in need. I want my kids to not only give back but to be a part of the change that needs to be made in this world. I had the pleasure of sitting in on an interview with two kids under 10 who inspired me to do more in my community. I will let them tell you a little about what they do from their perspective.

Kids Making a Difference

By: Marteeta Cannon Spradling

What were you doing at 6 years old? Chances are, if you were anything like me, you were just focusing on holding your crayon properly and coloring within the lines. Meet Uriah Bell, who may or may not color within the lines, but he most definitely thinks outside of the box. Uriah was only 6 years old when he received his calling to serve others. He observed a homeless man in the park and wanted to offer his assistance.  At that moment, Uriah walked into his calling and formed a ministry called “Uriah’s Bag of H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Prosper and Excel).”  8 months later, he was awarded a grant from Youth Service America to help him end Childhood Hunger in Newton County, GA.  

Another Newton County outside of the box thinker is Jazlyn Spradling. Jazlyn is the Project Leader of The Book Exchange Literacy Movement. Jazlyn is changing the world one book at a time. When she was 7 years old, Jazlyn and her twin brothers, Jaxson and Jayson, decided to start a neighborhood library.  Jazlyn saw a Disney Be Inspired Commercial on the Disney Channel and wrote in about the community service project that she started with her brothers. Their idea caught the attention of both Youth Service America and Disney.  Jazlyn was awarded the 2017 Disney Summer of Service Grant to help improve the literacy rate in her community.

Earlier this week, I sat down in a trendy eatery in downtown Covington, GA and had an interview with these pint-sized community activists. After speaking with 7-year-old Uriah Bell and 8-year-old Jazlyn Spradling, I can say that our future is bright and in good hands. These kids are making a difference in their community and shaking up the world around them with their good deeds.

Marteeta: What lessons did you learn from creating your community service projects?

Uriah: The biggest lesson that I learned was that we are not too young or too old to help others.  There are so many people who need help that we must get in there and help.  


Jazlyn: My project taught me many lessons. I learned how to stand in front of people and give a speech, make a schedule and work with volunteers.


 Marteeta:  When you think about your service project, what makes you proud?


Jazlyn: I am proud that The Book Exchange has given away almost 700 books and the kids in my community are getting excited about reading.


Uriah: The number of children that we could provide food for and the nutritious food we gave. I served approximately 110 children (50 families)  

Marteeta: What advice would you give to other young people who are looking to create their own projects in their community?


Uriah:  They should look for a genuine need in the community and allow their creativity to flow. There are people and businesses out there who want to help those who want to help others.


Jazlyn: Look around your community and see what needs to be done. If the need speaks to your heart, then go for it! We all can make a difference and a great impact right where we are.

Marteeta: Why do you think it is important for young people to be involved in service?

Jazlyn: Young people should be involved in service because when we serve others, we learn how to be better citizens.

Uriah: It is important to learn at a young age to be compassionate towards others and to be a positive part in the community. I am empowered to be a force of good for my community, state and nation.

For more information on Uriah’s Bag of H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Prosper and Excel) visit the Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=uriah%27s%20bag%20of%20hope

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