So I know that people love to get married in the spring and summer but there are some folks who love to get married in the winter. Those people are cray cray but whatever! Brides can be bridezilla…..I don’t think I was one but I know a few people who were. I actually quit on one of them because I was not having it. I didn’t even like her like that but that’s a story for another day. As a bride you want to make sure that you continually communicate with your bridesmaids and with technology being the focal point these days. How can brides communicate with their bridesmaids without alienating anyone or coming off as…..a bridezilla?

Brides can set up a Facebook group – I know this might sound hard but trust me it’s easy. Everyone can join on group and get updates on whats happening in the group. Everyone can meet everyone and get a feel for whose who. The bride should set up the group and have all the bridesmaids be able to post to the wall just in case they have questions or concerns. The bride can do fun things weekly to get engagement and I would even go as far as maybe having the groomsmen join in or at least introduce them in the group. I for one would like to know what fool I may be walking next too. Or maybe I want to know who could potentially be my next husband. Either way setting up a Facebook group would be a great way to break the ice.

Have a website – I was actually doing websites for brides a few months ago as a way for brides to have a centralized location for family and friends. People could sign the guestbook, ask questions, or comment their well wishes for the happy couple right on the page. They also get to see whose going to be in the wedding party, how each person knows the bride, and some fun facts about color/place of the wedding. This is a great way to communicate not only with your bridesmaids but with your family also. Let’s say I was coming into town for your wedding and I needed to know the place of the venue so that I can get a hotel room near the place this helps me navigate easier. I also love that the bride includes their crew for everyone to see!

Newsletters – Yes most bloggers have a newsletter and that’s great but did you know you can set up one just for your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Get their email address and send them updates at least once a week to give them the details about whats going on, the events, the colors, the dresses, the shoes, etc. Keep your party updated so that they can have it sent straight to to their email. That way no one can say they weren’t informed……check your email!

Hashtags – You can also keep everyone informed of your wedding details with a unique hashtag that people can follow. This allows everyone in your party to follow everyone else, comment, and engage on social media. Since social media is where most people are these days you will want to have something fun and unique on there that represents you and your bridal party. I suggest you do something like your first name and the grooms first name and then maybe the year of the party. Keep it short and sweet and make it a theme. That way when you get married you can use that same hashtag and have people use it as they upload pictures on social media. You can always check the hashtag and see who enjoyed your day!

Of course you can always keep up with texts and phone calls but I think that everyone should be on the same page with info. You don’t want to call and tell one bridesmaid and don’t tell the others or you don’t want to send messages through people. That doesn’t look good and you will start off not the wrong foot. I have never ever been in a wedding cause the heffas I know won’t get married *big sigh*. I was supposed to be in one wedding but the bride didn’t inform me of things like she should have and the communication wasn’t good at all. I was left in the dark or I was the last to know on most cases and I felt that maybe I should just bow out because I felt like an afterthought. I will not spend my money on a dress or getting dolled up if you can’t respect me enough to keep me informed. Make sure you communicate with your entire party on a regular basis to make sure no one is left in the dark. Give updates and prices because those can change and you don’t want anyone not knowing things.

When I got married (back in 2005) I called my bridesmaids twice month. I had 5 bridesmaids and what I would do is do a conference call with 3 and then a conference call with two of them back to back. Back then I didn’t have a Facebook page and I didn’t know a thing about newsletters so I kept up with them by calling on the 1st and 15th of every month just to inform them of any changes, prices, and details that I thought they needed to know. My girls and I were on point and we pulled it off without a hitch.

How did you communicate with your bridesmaids? Do you think men communicate differently? 

How can brides communicate with their bridesmaids?

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