Throughout the year I will have posts like these to help you all get a better sense of who I am…the person behind the blog and business. I will do some fun answer and questions that people have asked me and give you my answers. I hope this posts helps you get to know who I am better!

What’s my favorite family recipe?

I don’t have one in particular but one thing my mom did pass down to me was how to fry chicken. She use to make me soak the chicken in milk and eggs overnight before I cooked it the next day. She also added some other stuff to it but it was the one thing that she just knew how to cook that she passed down to me!

The last thing I bought online:

I am sucker for Amazon Prime so the last thing I bought from there was a tripod for my camera. I use it for my youtube channel stuff. Make sure you follow me!

Household chore I like doing:

None but if I had to pick one it would be cleaning my kitchen. It’s something about wiping down your counters and sprucing up the sink and making things smell good that stands out to me

Favorite Family Ritual:

My kids and I do a selfie Saturday every Saturday that highlights us all together. When they grow up I will keep the tradition going even if they aren’t near me and just make them send me a picture of them each Saturday and I do a collage of all of us.

What do I drive:

I have a car and a truck both Hondas I don’t do any type of American Made cars …at all

I just learned how to:

Do a video on iMovie…it was hard at first but I got here and did it.

Is the customer always right?

HELL NO! The customer is not always right but I am glad I have had very few instances where I had to make this known.

Do you like confrontation?

I hate confrontation. I would rather ignore the problem than go off on someone. I have a bad bad tongue and when I go off…I go off so to avoid that and hurt people’s feelings…I tend to just block and ignore and hope they get the picture to leave me alone

How do you stay fit?

I’m not fit…I am actually a big girl but I do try to make sure I eat right. I have done this by cooking more meals at home, no soda, and less sugar (the last part is my weakness)

Who matters most to me?

My children! I live for them and only them…..People have called me selfish for focusing on making a better life for them…I’ll be that.

What do you look for in a man?

I have three rules that I will not let up on at all which will probably make it hard to find a good man

  1. He must make more than 60,000 a year. Sorry but I’m not sorry. I don’t want a broke man and don’t have time to lift one up or help one out. By the age of 35 you need to be about your business!
  2. He can’t have anymore kids than what I have. I know it’s hard to find a man without kids these days so I will give up on that but I will not deal with baby mama drama or anything else that comes with it. Two kids and that’s it!
  3. He must have his own place. It’s to many men that have roommates or live in their moms basement. That’s great you are saving money to move out ….do that. You don’t have to own a place but at least have a one bedroom apartment or something.

What do I like to do for fun?

I actually like to sit in my bed and watch my DVR…is that boring? Lol I don’t like going places a lot…I am an introvert although I will work a room if I need to. I like my house and try not to venture out much. For fun though take me somewhere chill like a race car track, basketball game, or bowling. I am tired of movies and dinner I can do that anytime.

Do you have a lot of friends and what makes someone a friend to you?

I have 4 besties that I will give my life for. Everyone else are good friends and I value getting to know people. A friend to me is someone who respects my space and doesn’t pester me. I hate to be bothered  which is why I like texting. I will get to you when I can lol. I also love friends that I can call at 2am in the mornings and they aren’t asking me whats wrong they getting dressed about to come to my house type of friends. You can tell a lot about people by their actions. Friendships should flow naturally if it doesn’t….let em go!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Stay tuned in a few months as I answer more questions about who I am!




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