Vacations are a nice thought until you get to the pricing. Often times, what we would like to do is far beyond our budget. However, you don’t always have to go far from home or even leave your state to have a little vacation. Here are 8 things in Atlanta that cost under $100 that would be perfect for a little vacation.


Georgia Aquarium – This spot is great for adults and kids alike. It offers a full day or several hours of entertainment and costs around $30 per person. A season pass for a full year isn’t much more than that per person so you have the opportunity to go multiple times throughout the year if desired.

National Parks Tour – This isn’t exactly a guided tour but your own tour! The national parks around Atlanta are breathtaking and most, if not all, are actually free to enter. Some you can explore by car and others on foot by hiking trails.

Himitsu – If you don’t have any kids, book in advance, a reservation to one of Atlanta’s hottest cocktail lounges. You can only enter by reservation only. Their cocktails are created by Shingo Gokan, who is well-known for his impeccable work. The cocktails are almost too beautiful to drink and something of fairytales.

Back River Beach – Who doesn’t love the beach? If you want a little vacation that doesn’t cost anything but your travel, hit up the quiet Back River Beach which is one of the closest beaches to Atlanta. It’s tucked away from the intense surf and is perfect for calm swimming.

Atlanta Southern Food Tour – Who doesn’t absolutely love Southern food? Georgia is well-known for its delicious dishes. This tour allows you to taste 15 different dishes from some of Atlanta’s finest spots.

Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens – These gardens are always hustling and bustling with beautiful works of art. Outside of that, there are often concerts or events that make for one or more days of relaxing fun.

Walking Dead Zombie Tour – If you’re a Walking Dead buff and can’t get enough of it, head to Atlanta to take a tour based on the renowned show, The Walking Dead, and their filming spots. You will learn even more details and behind the scenes facts about the show on this tour.

Turner Field – If you enjoy a good baseball game, this is the perfect, cheap vacation spot for you. Tickets don’t cost an arm and a leg and a baseball-filled day sounds like the perfect vacation.

Atlanta is such a big city that it felt impossible to narrow down some great spots for under $100. The vacations don’t include travel costs, they just take into account the cost of attending. Atlanta is full of theme parks, parks, mountains, hiking trails, museums, etc. Many of the places are under $100 and are an endless amount of fun. As I said, it was difficult to narrow down only 8 places. However, I tried to narrow it down to options that weren’t the obvious ones to give you a fresh taste of Atlanta!

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