I know it may sound odd but there are ways that you can save money at the grocery store. Their prices are set in stone. Not that you can haggle with them like you would at a yard sale but you can definitely save a bit here and there just by taking the time to do so. For a lot of people, they think the savings aren’t worth the hassle. I’m not going to lie, I’m that way with coupons. My friend’s sister is an extreme couponer and can get like $800 worth of groceries for $30. However, it takes planning and a lot of coupons and that is too much work and brain power for me. Below are some tips for saving at the grocery store!

Coupons – I have to mention them because they DO save you a lot of money if you’re willing to take the time to print/cut them out. Some of the major brands always have coupons out. For example, Tide, Crest, Schick, etc. Sometimes these easily pull up on your phone so you don’t even have to print or cut them out which makes it nice if you think about it last minute in line.
Apps – Believe it or not, you can save money on your groceries through apps. Target and Wal-Mart, just to name two, have apps that not only bring you savings just by having them but by scanning your receipt as well.
Plan Meals Around Sales – Ok, this one may be too much work for me but only because I’m lazy about things. They have some amazing sales come out in the paper for most grocery stores every week. If you peek at these sales, you can plan your meals for the week around them so that your meals only include sale items.
Get Things in Bulk – If you eat a lot or use a lot of certain items, buy them in bulk because odds are, you can get them much cheaper. For example, I buy the 5 dozen egg boxes at Wal-Mart. We use a lot of eggs around my house and buying one dozen at $2 isn’t feasible because we would just be buying more in a day or two. The 5 dozen eggs box is $4 and some change which is a dramatic drop in price.
Cut Your Own Food – Did you know items are marked way up just because they have been sliced or individually wrapped? If you do your own cutting (and packaging if need be) you would save quite a bit. You can buy an entire bag of apples for the price that it costs to buy the equivalent of two apples sliced for you.
Take Your Time Checking Prices – Believe it or not, brands will pay for their product to be placed in an optimal spot in the store and on the shelves. Sometimes the best prices are going to be in the worst spots, like the higher up shelves that can’t be reached or the shelves on the floor. It’s worth the work though.
Raincheck – If you go to buy a sale item at the store and they have run out, you can get a raincheck for that item which means you can go back and buy it at the sale price when it’s back in stock whether the sale is still going on or not.
Eat Before You Go – I know this sounds ridiculous but it definitely works for me. I will end up with a full cart of mostly junk if I go to the store starving. Don’t do it!

There are quite a few other ways to save money at the grocery store and oddly enough, many of them have to do with our own personal habits. Check yourself at the door and make sure you’re not causing your own self an arm and a leg when you go shopping.

8 Tips for saving money at the grocery store

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