I have a friend getting ready to go on vacation. She is a stickler about picking just the right hotel and gets a little stressed out if it doesn’t fit every parameter she feels is important. Her and her husband enjoy working out while out on vacation (are they crazy?) and they don’t like to be too far from the best activities in the area. They also hate when the hotel is dirty. On top of all of that, they want free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and free parking included. We all know how difficult it can be to fit that many details into the perfect hotel but it’s really not as hard as it sounds to get exactly what you want out of a hotel. Here are a few tips to picking the right hotel for you.

Know what you want – Know the details about a hotel that are important to you. As in the story about my friend, they know what they want and therefore, know what to look for when searching for the right hotel. If you are unsure of what you want, picking a hotel will be a pain. Does location matter? Do you need pet friendly? So on and so forth.

Try to only settle for the one that has all the details you need. – Often if you settle for a hotel that doesn’t quite match the things you’re looking for, it can leave a sour experience because your needs weren’t met. This isn’t the hotel’s fault.

Take your time – A lot of times we try to rush and end up missing important details when booking. Take time to read the fine print and don’t be afraid to call and ask for clarification from the hotel themselves.

Use a booking service – There are a ton of site such as hotels.com or priceline.com (there are literally countless sites like this) that help you narrow down the hotels with the details you like. Often times, booking through these sites can offer you discounts you wouldn’t normally get booking straight through the hotel themselves. However, sometimes these sites will charge a fee for their services so be aware of this.

Ask those who know – If you’re booking in a place you’re unfamiliar with, ask a friend or someone who’s been there or lives in the area for some advice. Many times, a hotel looks nice in the photos but then you get there and it’s a rough neighborhood.

Stick with what you know – If you’re headed to a spot or area you’ve been to before and have a hotel you were pleased with, stay there again. You know without a doubt that it was wonderful the last time so no need to take your chances on another hotel. This will give you piece of mind as far as planning is concerned because you will know what to expect.

Reviews – There is no shame in combing through reviews. Often times, hotels will have hundreds of reviews. There are the typical negative reviews that are hard to listen to however, if you read a few of the reviews, there usually ends up being the same general issues, if there is any. Then, you can weigh whether or not this is an issue you’re concerned about or don’t care about.

Price – None of us like to pay an arm and a leg for a night at a hotel while some of us enjoy the luxury of an expensive hotel. Know your price range and use this to narrow down your hotel options. Of course, if you’re wanting some pretty specific stuff, note the average price range for the type of hotel you’re looking for and don’t expect something unrealistic.

8 Tips for Picking the Right Hotel

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