It’s graduation time! I remember I didn’t graduate from high school until June these days the graduation in GA are earlier like before Memorial Day. I want to say to all the grads…congrats! I remember my high school my mom had just gotten out of the hospital with another round of cancer like she literally was released that morning and then came to the graduation in a wheel chair. I didn’t walk across the stage for my college graduation because I just didn’t feel like it lol. Just give me my degree and call it a day so I missed out on that. I know when I graduated there were certain gifts that I would have loved to have

Money – Give me the money honey. I am always big on money. It’s bad because I don’t even read the cards I go straight for the money lol. I am honest y’all

Premium LinkedIn Account – So I don’t use LinkedIn myself since I own my own business but when I was looking for jobs that was my go to place. I was able to contact people and I set up a lot of my interviews through LinkedIN. I even use it for my blog to reach out to PR contacts. Don’t sleep on this and it’s a nice gift to give a new grad

Gym Membership – The Freshman pounds that I put on when I went to college…..whew. I went from 98 pounds to 120…okay I know it wasn’t that much but now I weight over 200….yeah kids….life…A new grad should not only look good but they should feel good and nothing says feel good like a nice workout to get your mind right

Wardrobe Stylist – This is an odd one but great for that grad who needs to step up their wardrobe for the new work field they may go into. I myself need to hire one because all I do is wear sweats all day everyday and I have some nice clothes but putting the entire look together causes me great pains

Books – I received some books when I graduated from high school that I read during the summer. Give the gift of reading and maybe even pay for a kindle membership or something. I think 10 books to start them off that will help them succeed can be a great gift idea. You can do hard copies or do them through Kindle. I prefer kindle myself I know there are some old school heads who can’t stand reading on a tablet but I am embracing the new technology and I love that I can highlight certain parts of the book and come back to it for future references easier

Photo memories – A recent grad I know got a gift that made him cry. His Aunt got him a book done with all the photos from the time he was a baby up until a Feb of this year. The book had photos of him with his Aunt and various activities that they did throughout the year. He actually cried y’all. Great gift to give if you have a lot of photos of a recent grad.

Gift cards – This one is a no brainer but don’t just get any gift card. Do gift cards for places that are useful. Starbucks, Dunkin Donut, Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. Places that they can go and get things while in college. Don’t just buy them an old navy card….unless they just love Old Navy be thoughtful and get them a card to a place they will want to use while moving into a dorm or moving out of the dorm and into their own apartment

Life Planner – Now I must admit I am not a huge fan of planners. I bought one and didn’t even use it. I need someone to come up with a planner that I can use online. I need one with all the stickers….online so update my google calendar with pretty stuff and I will be good. For those who love to write things down though a great planner is a nice gift to give

A tablet – I am in love with the surface pro and would like one for myself. I am going to deal though with the Dell I have. A new grad can’t be caught without something they can get on and a phone won’t always do the trick especialyl when sending resumes and stuff you don’t want to mistype anything

And the biggest gift of all…..

Family Time!

Family time is precious. Take it from a person who has lost 75% of her family. There is nothing nothing nothing that can take the place of family time with your recent grad. Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been, create a new memory for them to hold on to. Take loads of pictures or better yet hire a photographer to follow you around (yeah you can do that now at some places lol who knew) make memories and then cherish those good times because grads are going into this real world and it’s cut throat and sometimes they should be able to let their hair down and live a little before they enter into the working world. If you don’t have money for a grand trip try a sports game or take them somewhere fun in your hometown. Better yet have a themed party at your house just for them with close friends and family. A nice quiet evening playing a board game works to!

My son graduated from elementary school so I took him to Hibachi to celebrate him and I think I will do that for every major milestone just him and I out to eat at his favorite place. What will you give your recent grad? What are some gifts that you got?








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