I am newly single…and I am not a fan of going back into the dating world. I have single friends who have told me stories that scare me into being single for the rest of my life. I am 99% sure I will never get married again but I am open for love. Marriage….yeah I don’t think I want to live with someone anymore I am over it. I just need a nice boo thang where he has his own place and I have mine and when I don’t want to deal he can go bye bye. Marriage is beautiful don’t get me wrong but I was married for 10 years and I think that’s enough for me but who knows there is a 1% chance a man can change my mind……1%. In the meantime my friend asked me the other day…so Kita…when you are done mourning when will you be ready to date and how will you date? Ma’am…I am not ready for these questions but I did mention maybe I might try online dating she said oh been there done that let me give you some tips…….

  1. Men online play games just as much as those you meet in public – Really…oh gawd. She said that she met a guy online who was great they met a few times and hit it off well but then he just disappeared a few months later he shows up in the mall with his family and brand new baby. My friend said that she went right up to him and confronted him and the wife just stood there in horror. So rule number one…men online play games also it does not matter that they paid for the site they can still lie.
  2. Yes you can set up a profile of what you want but that doesn’t mean that you will get it – So I want a 6’1 man can be black or white, who has a good job, no more kids than what I have, doesn’t matter about looks, etc. What you will get is a 6’1 man who has a good job but he may have a selfish personality or he may have some world views that you just can’t jump on board with. So while on the surface you may get what you are looking for…you may have to go into detail about what you really want. Yes he has two kids but does he have them by the same women, is there drama involved, he has a good job but it could be a dangerous one or one that takes him out of town. You have to be able to dig deep or you will waste your time.
  3. The men feel that women on dating sites are desperate – So when I heard my friend say this one I was shocked. A man that she met on Match.com said that women on there are desperate to find love so men are on their looking for the weak women so they can take advantage of them. Yes…men will pay to take advantage of desperate women. I have seen them with my own eyes..women are desperate these days especially when you are hitting 40 with no kids, look good, got a great job, and you are lonely. I had no idea men paid to play with women hearts.

I met my husband online back when we here in college on collegeclub.com I liked online dating as I got to talk to the person and feel them out before actually meeting them. I guess I like to feel a person out first before wasting my time going on a date with them. I met my husband online and talked to him on the phone for a month before we actually met in person. I felt somewhat more connected to him because we had several conversations beforehand and I didn’t want it to be awkward on the first date. We met and the rest was history! I am weary these days so I don’t know…I told my friend I will become a virgin and just root for others in their relationships. I am not ready to get back out there not because I am still mourning the hubs because life goes on but I am just scared of the bullcrap that’s left. *sigh* I will however take the next few months to better myself, lose weight, and love Kita more.

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