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Will we as Americans ever come together?

December 5, 2016

Donald Trump…………Let that sit for a second. Donald Trump is going to be the 45th president of the United States.

I am not into politics. My mother never voted in her life, where I am from we were led to believe that voting didn’t matter because no president is going to come to your house and live your life for you. I have only voted 4 times in my entire life and it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I did so. I do not understand the electoral vote so I won’t say much on it until I get a better grip on what that means because from where I stand….it means that your vote doesn’t really count in big elections such as the president of the United States of America.

I didn’t like Hillary nor Trump I didn’t feel any type of get up and go about any of them but I did not like the racist comments that came from Trumps mouth and I don’t like the disrespect of women so I felt that in order to keep him out of office I had to vote for her. I read something online the other day that had me thinking…take a look


I have seen some of his past interviews and here are my personal thoughts…..I think he said what he needed to say to win. Some people play to win and something tells me Trump doesn’t loose. Do you know why he stuck out to everyone….because he doesn’t do things by the book. He does his own shat…..like him or hate him….I do like people who think outside the box. I just want him to watch his mouth!

The election had me unbothered. At the end of the day none of them will come to me and personally say hey Kita what can we do to make your life better. No that’s my job.

  • It’s my job to teach my kids not to hate someone for the color of their skin
  • It’s my job to teach my kids beyond the classroom
  • It’s my job to get up and work and not depend on the government for help
  • It’s my job to secure my dreams
  • It’s my job to make myself and those in my circle better

Will we as Americans ever come together? No I don’t think in my time I will see it. The older folks who have this idea of Whites are superior and everyone else is just a visitor has to die out first. The younger generation I think has gotten better. I think that as more and more of the older generation fades out from their ideas and change their way of thinking the younger generation can start actually living as one America. I hope in my grandchildren’s time that racism can be fixed. The bandaid is off now though and whew….it’s spreading like wildfire.

Kids started a fight and threw bricks at blacks in a local high school in my county, people are driving around telling others who don’t look like them to go back where they came from or at least to pack it up because Trump will have them out of here. It’s been brutal among black people on my TL on Facebook and it’s been brutal for white people to have to explain that their not racists or that they didn’t vote for him. So many friends have been lost, so many people are emotional and down in the dumps, so much hate has been spread……..

Hillary didn’t win but I think she won in another way. She won in a way to inspire women to be who they are. To stand up and fight for what you want. I may not have agreed with some of the things she has done but I respect her as a women. I respect those that voted for Trump and I respect those that didn’t vote which by the way….there are a few people I know that didn’t vote for either and that’s okay too. I am not here to fight with others about whom they like and whom they don’t like…I am here to raise my children in a society that probably won’t see them as an equal…I have come to terms with that. I have also come to terms with my son being a black boy and having a hard time being seen as nothing more than a thug. Do you know why I have come to terms with that? One reason and one reason only…..we are just here as visitors. This is not our permanent home and we all will die….the racists will die, the African Americans will die, the preachers will die, the rappers will die, the Muslims will die, every gotdamn body will die. And then when we get to heaven we can finally live as one………….

Live your life to the fullest! Raise your kids how you see fit, teach them to be kind and loving to people, teach them not to judge, pay your taxes (*side eye), eat the damn donut, travel, vote…or don’t vote, protest, fight for what you believe in and don’t tell others how to fight for what they believe in, make memories, hug your children, cuss a few people out…..live YOUR life. Fuck what others have to say and what others do. If they don’t pay your bills or have no direct affect over you keep your head held high no matter if they throw stones at you or call you a nigger. You know your name and you don’t have to answer to anything outside of it. That’s the one thing that no one can take from you……..your freedom of choice. No man or women can do that and definitely no president of the United States of America.

Will we as Americans ever come together?

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    K. Elizabeth
    December 6, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    I wish they would do away with the electoral college. I understand that it was initially created to try to make sure that smaller states didn’t feel cheated and that they feared dictatorship/tyranny but I don’t think it’s really needed. Whoever wins the popular vote should be President period.

    As far as Donald Trump, I definitely think he said what he needed to say to get racist America behind him, but I still think he’s a bit a racist/prejudice. His lack of respect for women is real. His mouth and Twitter fingers definitely need to be put in check before he takes office officially in January. There’s a certain amount of class, tack and finesse a president needs to have and he has none of that.

    However, you’re right we still have our freedom of choice at the end of day. We can still choose to make big differences in our neighborhoods and communities and teach our children right from wrong. I will continue to focus on those things like I always have. We as Americans may never all come together, but the tides are changing and we’ll be a lot more united in future generations than we are now!

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