We’ve all heard the popular phrase, “The customer is always right.” Wrong. Most of us have had to deal with customers who were definitely wrong in every way possible. This term was coined in 1909 by Gordon Selfridge for his London department store employees. He simply wanted to encourage them to have better customer service while, at the same time, giving his customers confidence in purchasing from his store. However, in our current society, things aren’t quite what they used to be back in 1909.


The Customer Isn’t Always Right Because They Don’t Know Your Job

Most of us have more knowledge about our position and our job than a customer does. We’ve all been there when a customer tries to tell us how to do our job. Of course, more times than not, what they’re demanding makes no sense. Of course, any of us in a customer service position, if we’re doing our job correctly, will do the best that we possibly can to help a customer. However, it just turns out that some customers can’t be pleased and that’s just part of dealing with people in general.

The Customer Isn’t Always Right Because Your Employees Deserve Respect

If you force an employee to actually adopt this method, you will constantly be losing them. There are always difficult, incorrect, and frustrating customers. If you force your employees to bow down to every customer and their demands, your employees won’t want to stick around. Your employees are your life line. Treat them with respect and that they’re worth something, or you will be running a business by yourself.

The Customer Isn’t Always Right Because People Are Greedy

Sadly, in this day and age, people will find every way possible to get free merchandise or to be the victim. If you think the customer is always right and give in to every demand or request they have, you will go out of business. Okay, that might be extreme but it’s possible. If people know they can complain about whatever they want and immediately get, for example, their meal for free, you will have people start doing this often. If it starts becoming a trend, you will begin losing a lot of money. Plus, if you have that many complaints, it will give you a bad reputation which is detrimental to a business.

The Customer Isn’t Always Right Because Some Customers Are Bad for Business

Sometimes, you have customers that need to be banned from your establishment because they cause a scene or drive away other customers. If you’re an online business, they may be those commenters that are always rude and argumentative on every post. Those types of customers are not customers, they’re a disease that can quickly spread through your business and push away the type of customers you actually need/want. Therefore, if you were to give into a customer like this, you might as well just close your doors. If not, they will do it for you through their terrible behavior.

Overall, customer service is always very important. However, your employees should always be taken care of and respected. Not only will this encourage them to work better, it will show customers that you back your employees. Further, it’s okay to tell customers no. They’re not always right and that’s not a bad thing. If you give people and inch, they’ll take the entire road. Be proud of your business and if you’ve done nothing wrong then don’t let them walk all over you. You’ve done your job now they need to accept that they are just overreacting.

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