I hate passwords…..hate them!  It’s tew much (yes I said tew) it’s not as simple these days to choose a word you have to do an uppercase letter, symbol, number, etc. I was on a roll a couple of years ago where all my emails were two passwords that’s it. If it wasn’t one it was the other. These days with so many emails and so much hacking I have had to change my password up a bit.  I have so many passwords and stuff that I have to sign into that I had to get some help….enter Dashlane.

There are some tricks you can use if you don’t want to pay for any services.

  1. Use Google Documents – I use google Docs to store some passwords. What I do (just in case someone happens to get my phone or something) I don’t put the entire password. I put the username and then I put a part of it and put a mark like this* in the place of where a number or letter should go. Since I only use one number for all of my passwords I know that when I put * I know exactly the number I am referring to so it’s easy to remember.
  2. One Note – I love one note! It’s where I keep up with all of my social media clients. I use one note instead of evernote these days. You can do the same above and save your passwords and put unique symbols that you can recognize. Both platforms go everywhere with you so it should be easy to take passwords with you
  3. Use acronyms for your password. For example my wedding anniversary is April 2, 2005 (yes the hubs and I would have been married 11 years tomorrow may he RIP) so for my password I would use WAA22005 (Wedding Anniversary A(April) 2 2005. You can use your kids names and put it together or use something like My Favorite teacher is Ms. White. MFTIMW and then throw in your favorite number. This makes it easier.
  4. Try to use a mixture of symbols/numbers and use that same password for the majority of things. That way you won’t forget!
  5. For your username try to use your email. My usernames are always the same for most things.

why i love dashlane

Getting back to Dashlane though…..I love that thing. I use one master sign in and it saves me time to be able to just press the box and my stuff magically appears without me having to type anything in. When I go comment on blog posts I just click a button my name, email, and website shows up in the comments section and I don’t have to type a thing. I also love that it saves receipts for me so if I pay using my credit card online Dashlane will save the receipt for me. It’s a digital wallet! Now I don’t put my bank card info in this…I am not feeling that safe but passwords..yes! The only draw back is that sometimes you may want to use a different name or a different email for certain things and it doesn’t recognize other emails or names very well. For example when I pay my water bill I use my personal email. I have to click out of dashlane in order for my business email not to show up in the box. Other than that I have no complaints about the system. As a business owner I have the peace of mind to know that I don’t have to sit and type out stuff all the time.

How do you remember your passwords? Would you pay for a system?

I was not paid for this….I actually paid for Dashlane so this is not a sponsored post!

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