I was born and raised in Charleston,SC a small town on the coast where the seafood is fresh and the culture is deep. I am Gullah or Geechee….whatever you prefer. The older crowd calls it gullah the newere generation calls it geechee. We speak differently and our dialect is broken english. We talk backwards to some but if you are from the area you will know that that is how we talk. I have a slight accent also which confuses people because they thing I am from Jamaica or from an island. They are always surprised when I say I am from Charleston,Sc. Here is a video on our dialect and how we talk with a little history of where we are from. We Been ya!

I was born in the early 80’s (I’m not telling my age lol) to a mother who was raised in Charleston and Philadelphia. Growing up geechee I did things that others didn’t do. We eat rice everyday, we love oxtail, we talk differently. Sometimes I write how I talk and people are always correcting me saying I am not using the proper form of English but little do they know how I talk is my language and that it comes across as me not knowing how to speak. That’s why you gotta get to know people before you try to correct them. My broken English is not because I don’t know the proper forms I do…it’s just that being raised speaking a different dialect sometimes has me confused. I use to be ashamed of my language but now…it is what it is. So what are some of the things that I love about my hometown…here are a few

The Food – Come to Charleston ready to eat! You have to visit Hyman’s Seafood as your first stop. They are always packed but it’s a must that you go there. Make sure you leave with some of that yellow stone grits!

Chewies – We are known for our chewies luckily I don’t have to make them anymore. I can just order them from my girl Erica at The Charleston Crunch Co.

Kiawah Island – My mom use to work here cleaning homes for those that had beach houses on the island…isn’t it funny that now I can be one of those people who can actually afford to rent out a beach home here on the island

The Beach – You can’t come to Charleston without visiting the beach! Folly Beach is gorgeous anytime of the year!

Fresh Seafood – I live in Atlanta and I hate that I can’t find fresh seafood here. I can find it if I go to the Dekalb Farmers Market but for the most part…I can’t find good seafood here at all. If I want that freshness I go home!

A sense of calm – I go home to find peace. I can just go home and feel calm and like I have no cares in the world. When I go home I always find the nearest beach or I go to waterfront park and I just sit. Home is where my heart will always be

Photography – Yes I had to stick this one in. I am a photographer and I love my home and it’s beauty can do wonders for my photogenic eyes. You can take photos down by the battery, at Magnolia Gardens, in pineapple fountain at waterfront park, outside eating at one of your favorite restaurants, etc. There is always somewhere to do a photoshoot

I am so glad I have this reminder of my home that I can frame. I got this from Modern Map Art. Make sure you get one of your hometown so that you can always have it as a reminder of where you are from.

I remember the days of walking to corner stores to buy candy and pig feet, I remember the nights at the beach with this guy I use to like lol. I remember the Sundays in church where we sang old spirituals and prayed for better days. I am hoping to move home to Charleston once my kids are older. I stay in Atlanta so that they can be near my late husbands family to be fair to them but oh how I want to move back home and just be at peace. In the meantime…home is what you make it. You can always travel to your favorite places and see your favorite things but just make sure that you make a home wherever you are. If you can’t live in the place you love….love the place you are in!

Where is your hometown? Do you miss it if you moved away?

I received this map for a review. Nothing monetary was exchanged and all opinions are my own 


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