You know, kid movies are pretty fun. They’re not the best at giving realistic love stories but hey, that’s why they’re fairytales! Anyways, Disney has been genuine about planting great messages for kids into their movies and shows. I have a friend who fell in love with animals and wanted to be a really sweet person to everyone just because of Snow White. It’s wonderful that most of grew up with Disney as our example and I’m certainly glad my kids have this example as well. The other day, I was watching the new Dory movie with my kids. I got an amazing marketing idea simply by watching this cartoon. Then, I started to realize, shoot, there are other movies that have some cool marketing ideas as well!
Finding Dory – If you don’t already know, Dory is a fish with a short-term memory problem. However, she can remember tid bits of her past life through certain sounds or words that were prominent enough to stick with her all those years. So, in other words, if you want your marketing to stick and be memorable, do something that sticks out. For example, Red Bull started sponsoring extreme stunts. Of course, it took a lot of money but it was a stunt you had never heard of before so it caught everyone’s attention. All it took was one memorable, crazy stunt, and their name got even bigger. Which, their name was already rising because their slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings,” was super catchy due to the funny commercials. All in all, be creative, catchy, and unafraid to step outside the box. If you just blend in, no one will remember you.
Frozen – The point here is to have a pretty blonde girl as one of your main marketing people. I’m just kidding. This movie had a character that could relate to anyone. It went wild because there wasn’t just one girl, there were multiple girls that showed various personalities. This left the movie wide open for multiple audiences. Don’t limit your business. Make it relatable to all people, if possible. Now, if you sell diapers, you might not be able to relate to a large demographic but it shouldn’t stop you from trying! At the very least, you will get recognition for trying to sell diapers to a 12-year-old, which isn’t too farfetched in this day and age!
Home – This movie is basically about an alien who accidentally sends an email to the entire galaxy, alerting enemies of their new location. Not good. However, that’s the power of email. Don’t be afraid to send out an email. It reminds people you’re there, of your sales, and of your services. The more you send it to, the better.
Happy Feet – In this movie, a young penguin goes against the grain of the old ways. Instead of singing like all penguins, he dances instead to show his passion. When they’re on the brink of starvation, the young penguin uses his new ways to gain attention and they are saved. This means, don’t be caught in your ways. If something is clearly not working, forget the old marketing ideas you had and be open-minded enough to try new things even if it feels scary.
Overall, in this world, marketing can be super competitive but there are plenty of ways to get noticed, you just have to be willing to invest your time and money as well as do some things you may not be familiar with.

The Lion King – My all time favorite movie. When the monkey hit Simba over the head and said it hurts but you can either get hit again or learn and duck the next time. Business is hard and we all will make mistakes but we can’t let those mistakes define who we are. Look at Martha Stewart she went to jail and came back and learned from her mistakes and built an even bigger empire. Learn and grow from your mistakes in business and learn to even use those mistakes as a way to market yourself. Steve Harvey made a huge mistake for the pageant now he jokes about it and uses it to his advantage.

What’s your favorite Disney Movie and how does it relate to your business?

What can Disney teach us about Marketing?

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