Whew wasn’t 2016 a effed up year! I don’t know if it was for you but it was for me. We lost so many I wanted to take up a go fund me account to bubble wrap all the rest of the people around the world. 2016 was taking everyone with them! One thing I learned in 2016 ……you can never plan out how you want the year to be…just live it. Trust me…I started the year off with the love of my life and then on Jan 23 he was gone. We had big big big plans and nothing went according to my plans at all. I had to adjust…and adjust quickly. I came into 2017 with the resolution of making no plans…I just want to live life and let the chips fall where they may. That’s not to say I don’t have things that I would like to do written down but it’s just to say that nothing is set in stone and I am a type of person that can adapt to change.

What’s in store for It’s Really Kita for 2016?

More brand photos! I will be working with new brands in 2017 and I want to make their products come alive. When I do brand photography I don’t just take a photo I make the product or service a real thing so that people think it’s part of the picture. I can’t wait to take on new clients and I will be traveling too!

New friends – They say you can’t make friends in your 30’s….I say that’s a lie. I have met some great friends through blogging and I continue to meet new people who bring meaning to my life. Can’t wait to meet new people!

More exploring my city – I have lived in Atlanta for over 10 years but haven’t been to 80% of what’s around here at all. This year I will explore more of Atlanta and visit new cities in the state

More quick and easy recipes – Every Friday I will bring you new recipes that are easy and affordable because I like good food but I am not with the cost!

More instagram photos that reflect whats on my blog – So I do brand photography for everyone else but don’t do anything for my social media. I am going to be taking more photos that reflect what I am talking about on my blog. Follow me through my hashtags #itsreallykita #reallykita

Upping my prices – I was told I was too cheap for the work I do. That was a huge blow to me because I am to cheap! I charge $50 for what most charge $200 plus for and no one took advantage of that. I was told that no one took advantage of it because I was too cheap and I need to value my work a bit more and charge higher prices so …..yeah I will be doing that. I am good at what I do and I thought to charge cheaper prices because I like to help people but helping people won’t pay the bills! I will still do giveaways for photography in my newsletter and other stuff but only for my newsletter folk

Videos – This is new for me so y’all bear with me. Every Wed starting this Wed I will do a video. The videos will be all about business. Small business tips, marketing tips, social media tips, etc. It will be funny and to the point but it will only talk about business. I will share the video in my newsletter every week too! The videos won’t be long as I plan on timing myself for no more than 3 minutes of talk.

Tip Tuesday – Have you all noticed that I do a tip Tuesday every Tuesday around here…..yep…make sure you all stay tuned for my quick and easy tips for living everyday life

I will only be blogging on Mondays (anything goes as far as subjects), Tuesdays (tip Tuesday), Wed (business posts), Fridays (Food). Thursdays I will focus on social media and you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

More topics that make you think outside the box – I don’t just like talking about boring subjects I like subjects that make you think! More of that will be coming in 2017

More of my life because truly and honestly this blog is about me. It’s my turn to shine and share about the things that keep me going. I talk about business, photography, travel, food, parenting, hell anything that deals with my life I talk about. I can’t be niched down into a blogging category because I am more than just a small business. I learned a few lessons in 2016 that will stick with me for this year

  • Life will never go how you planned….so don’t plan too much. Make room for those plans to change
  • Everyone has a jealous or envious bone in their body. It’s up to us if we let it dictate our life or we see what others are doing and get there and do the work to make ourselves better than them.
  • Don’t keep anyone around you that tells you that you work to hard.
  • If God got you out, stay out!
  • Don’t just be alive….live life!
  • Say no without having to explain why….no should be enough.
  • And most importantly…..TRUST YOUR GUT!

Happy New Year to everyone. My word for the New Year is NEW. I want to learn new things, meet new people, try new things to eat, go to new places, step out of my comfort zone and do things I’ve never done before. What’s your word for 2017?

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