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Visit The Gulf Coast: Part 3

June 2, 2016

If you are just joining us make sure you check out the other two posts for our visit to The Gulf Coast. You can find post one here and post two here.

Okay so it’s Saturday the last full day of our Gulf Coast trip. It didn’t go as fast as I thought it would so to be able to enjoy the slow life….it was very very good. That Saturday was kind of chill we were supposed to go on a boat ride but it got cancelled due to the wind. We instead checked out the Farmers Market and the Downtown area of Port St. Joe.

I love supporting local finds and we found three things that are a must. Some barbecue sauce, fresh fruits, and that honey…..remember the bees from our last post? Yep that honey oh so good.

Next we were off to the Lighthouse. Now let’s talk about this light house for a second. I am not fit to climb 130 steps…..I had to take a breather every 5 steps. I had to do it though because my kids were watching me + I was the first one in line so everyone was behind me….Why and how this happened I have no idea. I made it to the top and collapsed.

  • Put on comfortable shoes. The steps get steeper the higher you go
  • The history behind the light house is priceless so make sure you stop by the store before you go up
  • The view…..I have no idea how it was because I was shaking and I am scared of heights

My hubs did however capture the view for me.

Next we saw some stuff in the water. Some stuff being a shipwrecked boat, a crab, and a dead turtle…eewwww

Off to eat at the Shipwreck Bar 

We had free time in between and if you follow us on Instagram you saw some of that free time. The wind down of the evening though was a dinner cooked by

Gulf Coast: Gourmet Chef Now

MaryAnn & Steve Conroy


My husband and I have never ever had food that tasted this good that was cooked that fast and in front of us. When I tell you that food was so good……I had to get the recipe for the Salad Dressing and yes I had seconds….maybe thirds but hey whose counting. I will share the recipe in our newsletter just for those that are signed up. My son got to help cook too. For some reason he loves that kitchen…future chef hmmmmmmm

The experience was very very very good.

  • There is so much to do you will need a few days so plan your visit accordingly.
  • The people are nice and they treated us very good in each store that we went in
  • Cell phone service will suck but you are on vacation….you don’t need any service. Relax and Enjoy

If you plan on visiting The Gulf Coast,  make sure you contact the Welcome Center for all of your needs they will even help you set the trip up so you can have a schedule trust me you will need one. Big thank you to our hostesses for their hospitality.

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