I am back with the second edition of our trip to Disney World/ Universal Studio. If you missed part one check it out here. We left off with the fast pass drama…..so let’s get into our second day At Disney.

On the second day after we did Magic Kingdom we had a choice to do one of three other parks. Hollywood Studio, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom. We could not decide which one to do so since I was paying for the trip I made the executive decision to do Animal Kingdom. Let me say this….Animal Kingdom is by far my favorite. They don’t have many rides but they have lots of shows and I loved it much better than Magic Kingdom. Even the kids thought it was nice. Also, the food was much better over there plus this time we had all phones on the Disney App so we were able to schedule fast pass a bit better this go round. Here is what I loved about Animal Kingdom

Vacationing in Orlando: Part 2

  • It wasn’t as crowded as the other parks
  • They had more games and stuff for kids to win prizes
  • The best ride was the Primeval Whirl  we scheduled this first.
  • The food was much better over here!
  • I loved the various shows the lion king was my favorite!
  • They had a water ride that we weren’t able to get with the fast pass. The wait was 2 hrs

Let’s talk about this water ride. Rapids something or other I don’t even know the name. We got in line which the line was hot so we made conversation with the people behind us. We had our fan things so we weren’t hot but it was muggy and humid. We waited in line for about 2 hours to ride the water ride. They had a locker near the ride that you could use for free to get on the ride which was great but it only allowed you 120 minutes free. We barely made that time! After we got on the water ride we thought this is nice we are going to cool off….soon as the ride started it ended. You mean to tell me we waited in line for 2 hours and the ride was barely 8 minutes. I don’t even think it was that much….everyone in our boat was like oh hell to the no this could not be the end of the ride. It has to be more…..I was not pleased. I mean if you are going to wait on the water ride I need that ride to be about 15 minutes. Never again!

We enjoyed the Lion King show…I thought for sure they would bring out real animals. Disney is soft….they could have at least brought out a real Lion but then again maybe not we don’t want that thang getting loose. We ate and bought a few knick knacks. I was truly impressed with Animal Kingdom so if you go to Disney go there first. They even had a play area where the kids can run around. My friend and I sat there for about 30 min while we waited on another ride.

Vacationing in Orlando: Part 2

We were able to ride all the rides and do the majority of attractions except see the animals up close. We started out at the park at around 9:30 and left at 4pm. After we left the park we decided to go head to the Mall. We went to The Florida Mall. The mall was very nice they had a huge M&M store that my kids went gaga over and they had a Crayola store that took me back to childhood. The Crayola store even had a place in the back where kids could color until their heart was content. When we went it was empty!

Crayola store orlando florida

The mall was huge! My friend whose a shopaholic said peace and left to go shopping. I say visit the mall or the outlet while you are down there (we went to the outlet too on the day we got in) . That night we ate at Chick Fil A and the food was okay but the food options are still sucking in my opinion does it get better? You shall see next week on Part 3.

The second day was much better. No melt downs from my son, it rained on us while we were there but not too much, the nachos….they had a like a food truck nacho station right by the primeval world…..lawd hammercy that thang was good. If you don’t eat anything else over there go get those nachos. I loved that they even had live music in various parts of the park too! We stopped and danced a few times.

Vacationing in Orlando: Part 2

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