We all know the drill…..as soon as we go into a store the kids have to use the potty. When one has to use it…all of them have to use it. I dread going to public bathrooms but when kids are involved…it can be a nightmare. I won’t lie….I had a potty in my car up until my daughter turned 6 (I took it out last year) I loved my potty in the car. I used the same potty I trained her on and just took the actual potty and put it in the car. I had my wipes and cleaning supplies in the car with me to clean up + a bottle of water to rinse. I was not about to go into public restrooms especially if I am in a not so good area.

Since I have a son and a daughter and most of the time their with me it’s hard to navigate both of them at the same time. I do not want my 9 year old going to the bathrooms alone…to many creeps and I will catch a case. So how do I navigate the potty with both of my kids in tow? Here’s how………….

If my daughter has to use the bathroom I take my son in the bathroom with me. Most ladies are in stalls so he doesn’t see anything I make him stand outside the stall or bring him into the big stall and make him turn around while my daughter uses the bathroom. I do the same for him so when she gets off we turn around and allow him to use the bathroom. Using the bigger stall works and I normally go for that stall if I have both kids in tow.

There are times when my son is the only one that has to go. In this case I do not go into the men’s room with him. I allow him to go by himself. I tell him to not let anyone touch him and to scream if someone says anything to him. I stand by the door and he has 5 minutes or I am coming in. (I actually did that one time too he took way to long but he was on the toilet he said his tummy hurt) I was went in thinking the worse because he said he only had to pee but was relieved that he was just doing number 2.

public restrooms and kids

Here are some tips

  • try to go to nice bathrooms or stop somewhere like a department store. JcPenny has a family bathroom so if my kids have to use the potty we always go there first
  • If you are like me….put a potty in the car for the young kids. I know it’s a hassle to have something extra in the car but trust me when you are in a pinch and someone has to go….it comes in handy. Carry your spray bottle with you and keep an extra bottle of water in your car
  • If you have opposite sex kids the boy will have to go with you prepare him by making sure he closes his eyes and stands facing a wall so he doesn’t see anything
  • Make sure they are not touching anything and putting things down on the seat. My kids do wash their hands but I also have hand santizer with me for extra backups

Urge your child to go to the bathroom at home. To avoid the nightmare that is often a visit to a public bathroom with your kids, let the little ones get in the habit of using the potty before going out to decrease the likelihood of them having to use public facilities. Even if they do have to go when you’re out, it won’t be as bad if they’ve visited the potty beforehand.

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