I didn’t grow up with a father. My father and mother got divorced when I was around 5 so I don’t know what it is to celebrate fathers day. I didn’t celebrate and I will not be one of those women who say oh it’s my day….nope sit down and let these men have their day. With that being said growing up my mom never once made the day about her. We would celebrate other men in our lives like my uncle, the pastor, grandfather, or someone who was a good man but not necessarily a father. I have the best uncle in the world he is old lol, but he takes care of me. For mothers day last year he asked me what I wanted and I told him I would love for someone to come and cook and clean my house that would be the ultimate mothers day. I said it in a non serious tone but he took me seriously and presented me with a year of cleaning services for my mothers day present. Y’all that was the best present ever so I make sure I celebrate him on Fathers day. So what will I be getting him…well

Dinner at his favorite restaurant of course and a tie…ok I’m lying about the tie. I will get him a flight out to one of his favorite fishing spots at a national park. When trying to find gifts for someone that’s not your dad it can be hard but it can also be easy. This is how you can do it

Find out what his favorite things are. My uncle loves to fish so I always get something geared towards fishing and now that I can afford it I try to send him on fishing trips or do something fishing related for him every Fathers Day. He also loves to eat seafood so I make sure I send him a gift card or money to eat out at his favorite place. You know men…some won’t take money from a women so I have to jazz it up and beg and plead and give my sad puppy dog face to get him to take money from me but he does. Although Fathers day isn’t as big as Mothers day there are many ways to make it special for that man in your life.

Ask his wife. Since I don’t live with my uncle I sometimes don’t know what to get him for special occasions so I always ask his wife. She will tell me what he likes and doesn’t like and I will go from there. Also, when you are around make sure you observe that special man in your life. Does he watch sports? What does he talk about the most? That’s a great way to see what you can get him

My hubs was into electronics so I knew that every Fathers day I needed to get him something that had to do with electronics. If he was alive I would get him the new Samsung Gear S3 watch (which I have btw) and get him some watch straps to go with it. He would love that and it would fit his persona. When thinking of gifts make sure you get them something they can enjoy and something that means the world to them. I know it’s hard to pick out things for dads but making sure you stick to basic simple stuff will help a whole lot.

Speaking of my hubs this is the perfect time to shout out his best friend who has become the kids Uncle. We call him Uncle Mike. He is the best uncle ever and my kids love him! He stepped in when my hubs died and did various things like

  • Take my son to boxing and pay for the boxing
  • He pays for my sons hair cut every other Friday
  • Plays video games until the wee hours of the morning where I have to tell both of them to turn it off…like children (they play on the xbox live)
  • Talks about the ladies with my son
  • Check on us to make sure we have everything we need on a weekly basis
  • Make my daughter feel like a true princess

A few months ago my daughters school had a father daughter dance. This is the first one that she asked to go to since her dad died. She attended one with her dad two years ago but last year she opted not to go. This year I thought she wouldn’t want to go so I didn’t bring it up but she did. She said mom….can you ask Uncle Mike to take me to the dance. Of course I said no…Uncle Mike has his own family and his own daughter and we don’t want to impose or ask him to go out of his way. He already goes above and beyond for us so I think we will sit this one out. How about I take you out to dinner that night instead. I thought that answer would do but nope…it didn’t. A few days after our conversation Uncle Mike called to check on us and I was not near the phone. I heard her ask….Uncle Mike can you take me to the Father Daughter dance please mom said not to ask you but I don’t listen very well…..of course he said yes and they started to plan what they would wear and how they would get there. Chile this isn’t prom it’s a dance and you are 7 years old. Uncle Mike came through and not only took her to dance but took her out afterwards.

Of course she had a blast and talked non stop the entire night!

(Dress and shoes was a total of $50 H&M for dress and Target for shoes)

Uncles are the best they aren’t the ones who live with us but they are the ones who come through when Dad’s not around. I am so grateful that my kids have a great Uncle who takes the time to make sure that we are okay. He isn’t my hubs real brother but they have been friends for so many years that we consider him one. Doesn’t matter the role that a man plays in your life acknowledge them for what they do and how they step in to be father figures. For Uncle Mike we got him the firestick because he has been talking about it non stop saying he was going to get one….months ago lol. So the kids and I put our coins together and bought him one. Always listen to what they talk about and you will have the perfect gift!

I hope you celebrate the Dad’s in your life not only this weekend but every day. They are just as special as the moms and they are needed! Happy Fathers Day to all the great men out there.





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