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Think outside the Burger

November 4, 2016

How do you eat your favorite burger? Where do you eat your favorite burger? Is there a number one burger place that you just have to have? When I think of burgers I think….a juicy well done burger (sometimes medium) but I always get beef. I love a good burger but aren’t you tired of the same ole same ole? It’s time to think outside of the burger and get yourself a Ted Montana’s Burger….The Bison Burger (play happy music)

I have had the bison burger before but this time I got to enjoy it with my family and I tried a different one than what I had before. Let’s dig in

We first had the cucumbers…the ones that almost taste like pickles but not quite. That was a great starter……my hubs who is a fanatic over onion rings decided to order a basket of it. They were so good too the sauce to dip it in….yes. I even used it for my burger lol. BTW we sampled the Chilli…..you may want to order that too.

Ted's Montana

Onion rings


Okay let’s get ready to order. One thing I loved about Ted’s was the experience it was wonderful. Our waiter Luke was the best if you go to the Ted’s Montana Grill in Gwinnett you must ask for him specifically.

I normally get the Ted’s Bacon Cheeseburger but this time I decided to step it up and get the George’s Cadillac with BBQ and a chipolte ranch sauce.

Ted's Montana Grill

I am going to go ahead and skip to the burger part because it was the bomb.com. Make sure you get the bison too it’s so good.

Ted's Montana Grill

Let’s talk about a few points

  • The burger is very good and not dry at all.
  • Get the George’s Cadillac….trust me
  • Their food isn’t expensive at all and will fit every budget
  • They have a Gluten Free menu
  • A lot of their items are recycled so you are not just eating good you are helping the environment
  • Their Bison Burgers are the heart of Ted’s. The meatloaf is even Bison (which my hubs had) He is picky about his food so if he says it was good…trust me it was good
  • They are kid friendly too so no worries bring them along they even have fun things to keep them busy at the table and their menu has a lot to offer
  • I love the Strawberry Lemonade get that when you go
  • The burger is so good one of your kids will beg you for it…..*big sigh*

Speaking of good things do you know they have gluten free buns now…..this is great news for all those who need gluten free products.

Ted’s Montana Grill’s http://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/ sought-after, All-Natural Bisonand Certified Angus Beef® burgers are now even more enticing. The classic American restaurant has added gluten-free buns to all 13 Atlanta-area locations through its partnership with Pure Knead http://www.pureknead.com/, an allergy-friendly local bakery in Decatur. Ted’s Montana Grill selected Pure Knead due to its mission of bringing convenience, great taste and safety back to the dining experience for those with food allergies. Guests can also enjoy a large selection of bison or beef burgers paired with hand-cut French fries for a 100 percent gluten-free meal. “Details are everything at Ted’s, and keeping our guests’ dietary restrictions top of mind is essential,” said George McKerrow, co-founder & chief executive officer of Ted’s Montana Grill. “We are committed to providing carefully selected, locally-sourced ingredients, and we are confident our partnership with Pure Knead will provide a delicious, fresh gluten-free option.”

089 Ted's Montana Grill

About Ted

Ted’s Montana Grill began with two American entrepreneurs and a dream. As a business leader, philanthropist, environmentalist and avid outdoorsman, Ted Turner decided to share his love of Big Sky Country and its tradition of hearty food. He also wanted to celebrate an American icon: The bison who once thundered across the Great Plains. Ted joined forces with famed restaurateur George McKerrow Jr., a pioneer and leader in casual dining, and together they created Ted’s Montana Grill.

The first Ted’s Montana Grill opened in Columbus, Ohio, in January of 2002. Thirteen years later, every Ted’s is a proud tribute to the ingredients, meals and hospitality that define the Great American West while preserving and building the bison herds in America. By featuring the biggest bison menu in the world, Ted’s Montana Grill has made bison a popular menu choice today in dining, providing incentive for ranchers to actively grow their herds.

Like bison at home on the range, our guests know they will always feel welcome at Ted’s Montana Grill. Our commitment to showing guests the genuine hospitality that keeps them coming back is what we call, “Big Sky Spirit.” This is a place where they know they’ll always find a greeting and a meal that makes them glad they visited.

I was able to visit Ted’s Montana in Lawrenceville, GA to facilitate this review all opinions are my own. 

Think outside the Burger

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    Bren | Virtual Bren
    November 4, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Oh my gosh! I have such a hankering for MEAT! These burgers look and sound delicious! Damn shame I’ll be eating pizza for lunch. But hey! At least it has ground beef on it! We don’t have a Ted’s in my neck of the woods but if we did, I’m sure my hubs and I would be hitting it up!

    Have a great weekend!


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