I don’t watch a lot of tv. I think it’s because my mom didn’t allow it when I was a child and she never had cable. If I wanted to watch cable I had to watch it at a friends house or somewhere else. My first real taste of TV came when I was in college and I had cable for the first time…I was in heaven. So much so that I didn’t get my work done because I was so obsessed with tv ….which in hindsight was probably why mom didn’t allow me to watch lol. Now that I am older I have cable for the kids but I rarely watch TV this is hard for me because I pay a grip every month because I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. With that being said I always DVR all of my favorite shows and then when I get free time I binge watch all the shows on my DVR. One of the TV shows that I have become quite obsessed with is This is Us which comes on at 9pm (EST) on NBC. I started watching the show during the weekend of our “winter storm” here in Atlanta and I haven’t missed an episode yet! This show will have you in tears…even me…and I am hard core. I don’t cry much…the first few episodes took me a minute to catch on but once I did I was hooked. I didn’t cry at first but this episode…..right here


I have lost a lot of people so this resonated with me. I hadn’t cried in a while….but this episode made me feel all sorts of ways. We are all one big painting…..Life is filled with colors, filled with mess, filled with all sorts of shapes and sizes. Filled with those of us who belong and those of us who doesn’t. With the new President in the white house things have been in such shambles that it hurts me that this country isn’t known for who we are anymore but I will talk on that another time. Here are some key points from this video…..

  • Those that we lost are with us…they are with us everyday……I believe this to be true.  They visit us in our dreams. You can feel their presence …..
  • We are always in the painting…..before we are born our ancestors shape the way and we become our parents in some form or fashion so even if your mom or dad died…they live within you because you have some part of them that manifests in you. You may look like them, make the same mistakes they made, have their mannerisms, go into the same career field, etc
  • People will die…when someone dies that doesn’t mean we forget them or make them any less a part of our lives we embrace what they loved. Maybe doing something they loved on their birthday to include them in your future. Sometimes if you sit still and breathe you can feel them enjoying themselves right there beside you
  • The best part of this video for me was when he said….there is you or me or them…it’s just us……….powerful thing right there because it is always just us!

Other key points from this show is the fact that Kate is a big girl. I’m a big girl and it’s hard to find someone that loves you for you. It’s hard because most men want the skinny ones lol. To see men love Kate for who she is makes me believe that maybe us big girls can get some love. Someone to love us for who we are and not feel sorry for us because we weight to much. I love that she is comfortable in her skin but still questions her weight. That is real….its’ not that easy to just get rid of weight. Sure we can join gyms, sure we can eat right but we have to want to do it and stick to it in order to get rid of the weight and keep it off. Five other reasons to watch this show…..

  1. Jack is the father we wish we all can have. He knows how to make you feel better, he makes all three of his kids feel a special connection of their own with him. He knows how to handle each one separately. The part when Kate was at the pool and she didn’t bring a shirt….the story that Jack made up to make her feel better….I didn’t have a father growing up but wish I had one just like him
  2. This show makes you believe in love. The love between family and friends….its awesome. When you love someone you give up a part of who you are so that you can let them live their life. Even though the kids may not have gotten along as kids…they have a great dynamic as adults. I can’t wait to see how they grow to love each other more
  3. This show gives you a sense of living every single day of your life. Randall’s father is dying….he wanted to stunt in a car and sip some drinks with some sunglasses. When I watched that episode I thought…hmmm what is something I want to do that I can do right now. That takes minimal money and that will make you feel good. Maybe it’s getting a new sunglasses and test driving your favorite car…..do something today that you want to do that costs less than $20
  4. The show covers..addiction, race, sex, obesity, hate, love, it just covers everything that we deal with in life. We all have dealt with at least two of these things and we can relate so much to any of the characters going through this
  5. We all have our own stories. How are you telling your story? Whatever the story is…it shapes your life…it makes you who you are it makes us who we are. The story that you tell lives on …kinda like that painting. Your story shapes your future and the future of your children and their children.

You will get something from this show! Make sure you catch it on  Tuesdays and get your tissue paper ready.


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