It’s football season. When I talk to men….I talk to them in terms of football sometimes because that’s the language they talk during these next few months.  In life we have rules and regulations, we have teams, we have coaches, and they all come in different forms. So what does Football have to do with life? Glad you asked………….

Do you have a mind for the life you live?

To win football you don’t have to be the best coach…you just have to know how to win the game. I have seen people be horrible bosses/coaches…they don’t know how to communicate, they don’t know how to treat their employees, some of them don’t even speak. At the end of the day though that company is bringing in billions. How? Life is full of strategies, techniques, and schemes. People are put in positions because of their knowledge of the work, whether they’re great motivators or not. If you know the game and your opponent you can go a long way in defeating them. You can outsmart them by doing what you do best…knowing your stuff. I worked for a company that did real estate a while ago (when I thought I wanted to be a real estate agent) the boss didn’t speak and seemed quite shy. I often thought why is she running this office….when I heard that she closed on her 1,000 house in 3 months…I thought to myself oh she knows her stuff. Didn’t matter how quiet she was she knew how to outsmart others and get the job done. In life you have to know when to do your best. No, you may not be a great coach in terms of a pep talks or motivation but you know how to build a great team who can get the job done under your leadership. Have a mind for the life that you live and live it by being smart and defeating the enemy.


A while back I got into it with someone on my Instagram about a statement that I put up about unemployment and minimum wage. She told me I was wrong when I said that the minimum wage was below $7.50 I said actually the minimum wage here in GA is $5.15 (in certain cases and I know two people in those cases) She swore to me that I was crazy and that I didn’t know what I was talking about. My attitude the entire time was pleasant (which shocked me too) and calm. Even after I showed her the URL of what it was she still said it was a typo and I was wrong. A few weeks later she came back to me and apologized and said she went to the state office to get it straight and it was 5.15 in certain cases. She was also a PR person who said to me that my attitude throughout the entire ordeal was amazing and she got me tickets to a concert for free front row 🙂 See it’s not all about going off at the mouth. If you know you are right why bother having a nasty attitude. Prove your point and keep it moving. A good attitude goes a long way in improving your performance in life and in football. If you complain when life gets you down how will others see you? Will they want a debby downer on their team? When you get destroyed on a play, do you pout and sit out the next time, or do you get back up and go for it again? Keep a good attitude, get up and go again.


There will always be someone who can outrun you, outsmart you, out do you in some type of way. You should always give 100% even if you aren’t the best. My son played football for 4 years since he was 5. He was the shortest on the field and the coaches barely put him in the first year but he kept going (I had help in making him do so) He loved the game but said he wasn’t good enough because he was short. I told him to still give effort even if he was sitting on the bench. Show up to every practice and do your best. He did that….the second year he played, he got a little more playing time and sacked the quarterback of the opposing team a total of 5 times. There is no excuse for not giving all that you have in anything that you do. “a high level of achievement can be attained with a relatively low level of raw talent” Put forth effort in your life to do things and don’t give up just because you think you aren’t that great. Our thinking has a lot to do with our outcomes in life.

How you play the game is important and the steps to win is what makes the story great. Life isn’t a game but sometimes we have to treat it as if it is because I don’t know about you but I am tired of losing. I want to win and I am determined to have the best attitude, put fort the best effort, and change my mind frame for how I live. How about you?

The Game of Life

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