I love to eat! It’s probably why I am so fat and can’t get rid of this weight. I don’t like just any type of food I like good food because if I am paying my hard earned money for something it has to be the best. Y’all……I found the best! Welcome to Brio Tuscan Grille!

Brio Tuscan Grille

When my hubs was alive we use to go to a new restaurant once a month as a way to see what was in Atlanta. We have always wanted to visit Brio but never got a chance. I was given the chance to check out their new promotion going on called The Art of Grilling. This promotion is the best of everything. You pick a soup or salad, you get a main course and dessert. Now most places have their most disgusting food on the menu to pick from but not Brio….each dish was so good! Let’s start with the soup and salad shall we……

tuscan grille

I always get a caesar salad anywhere I go…it’s something about those croutons and that dressing. Brio put all the other caesar salads I have had to shame….y’all know when I tell you about food I mean it. This salad right here….even my kids loved it and they don’t eat salad. The soup….you can choose between tomato soup or the lobster bisque….*big sigh* I had a hard time choosing which one was the best…..I could not choose so I had both. I am wondering if I can go there in the winter just for the soup…..I need to put that on my list. Go buy soup all winter long from Brio….

brio tuscan grille

Next we decided to order. Now as I said before most restaurants give you shitty options to choose from when ordering from a certain menu but not Brio….you had your pick of fish (fresh fish I might add), pork chop, steak,….we will stop right there. I had the Steak….my daughter and I fought over the steak. When I say medium well…my gawd…..it was medium well. That thing was so good and they had a homemade steak sauce…A1 bye bye. I wanted to order another steak but thought that might be greedy. My daughter ordered the pork chop. That pork chop was like butter! The butter knife sliced right through that thing and my daughter ate it so fast…..I was sipping my arnold palmer one minute and the pork chop was gone the next. I managed to get a small bite from her until she told me to worry about my own food…………….my son had the Fish….he would not share it when we asked if we could have a bite he said that fish tasted like they just caught it from the ocean and cooked it right there and then. He said mom….why doesn’t your fish taste this good……….WHATEVER

_MG_7902 _MG_7911 copy brio tuscan grille

Here are a few things I loved about Brio

  • They cook the food where you can see it, so nothing is hidden in the back
  • I thought it was a fancy fancy restaurant but it’s actually not…it’s very laid back which I loved
  • The atmosphere was very nice and I loved that you can sit by the window and gaze out to water being from Charleston,SC any type of water is good for me
  • They have Valet parking which is nice you don’t have to try and find a parking spot
  • The prices weren’t bad at all even if you don’t get the special that they have going on
  • The arnold palmer was excellent….get it if you go
  • They are kid friendly
  • When I ask for medium rare I get medium rare
  • They have a gluten free menu for all of you who need gluten free stuff

You can see my Periscope Video here of my daughter and I fighting over the steak…

I am a huge fan of restaurants that have great waitresses. I think that makes or breaks a business. If your waitresses suck then I won’t be back no matter how good the food is. Customer service is number 1 in my book. How you treat your guests goes a long way. Our waitress was the bomb.com her name was Tinker Bell …that’s what they called her,she lived up to the name….Tink for short. If you go to Brio ask for her….I hate to be biased but ask for her….you can’t miss her she will be the girl on the right in the photo belowbrio tuscan grille

Ok so now let’s talk about the Art of Grilling which you will want to try while it lasts. You can choose from a plethora of things and did I mention you get dessert we will talk about that later but for now here is a peek at the menu….

brio tuscan grille

Get the Salad….or the Soup….I won’t lie you might want to get both. If you take a date have one person get each thing. That will solve that problem

That New York Strip………the picture above didn’t even do it justice. I mean I wanted to take a better photo but I couldn’t wait any longer to eat….sorry it’s not everyday my steak is to perfection

My son said his fish tasted fresh….yes that was a fresh fish from the oceans…not that Tilapia y’all like to eat *side eye*

My daughter ate the entire pork chop above….ole stingy heffa. I got a small bite that she had to feed me. She was able to cut it herself and she was 7….(butter knife for safety)

My son doesn’t even eat potatoes but ate the Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes….

I had the Fingerling Potatoes ….it came with a sauce…….I didn’t get a picture because in all honesty I ate that bad boy

Now let’s talk about dessert…..

I won’t pick a favorite…..I lied yes I will so my favorite dessert was all of them lol…seriously you need to bring a buddy with you and do the buddy system where each of you can order something different and just eat off one another.

_MG_7966 copy _MG_7976 copy Brio Tuscan Grille

Don’t let this summer pass you by without enjoying what Brio Tuscan Grille has to offer. They have two locations in Atlanta. We visited the one near Perimeter Mall which was a treat since I hadn’t been over there in years. Take your boo or take your entire family as they are kid friendly which is great for me because most of the times I have to bring my kids with me. Thank you Brio for a great night out with my kids. With school starting back it was a great way to end our summer vacation!

the art of grilling brio tuscan grille

Nothing monetary was exchanged. I was offered a meal in return for my review. All opinions are my own! 



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