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Talk Tuesday: May 31

May 31, 2016

I can’t believe it’s almost June already…goodness where has the year went. As always I am talking shat on this Tuesday….if you don’t agree that’s fine leave your comments below and we can agree to disagree.

The Zoo So by now we have heard about the Gorilla who was shot and killed because a boy fell into the enclosure. As a parent…we aren’t perfect. Kids can slip away from us in a heartbeat. My 10 year old son crosses the street without looking both ways after I tell him daily to look both ways. My daughter sees an animal and goes straight up to it and starts petting it. We as parents can lose kids in a blink of an eye. I remember when we went on vacation last year and we were standing on the edge of the beach and the water came up and when I looked again my son was in the ocean. A blink of an eye…I screamed and went in after him knowing I could not swim. I was able to grab him and pull him to safety but what if he got pulled under. He was gone just as fast as I blinked. Kids get away from their parents all the time…it happens. If you are a perfect parent then great but for the rest of us who live in the real world we aren’t perfect. I don’t blame the parents nor do I blame the zoo. They don’t know how the gorilla will act. The zoo could have waited and see but then what if that Gorilla tore that child into pieces. Then everyone would be crying…oh no why didn’t they kill the Gorilla. If it was my child I want the Zoo to do whatever it needed to do to get my child outta there. Now to the parents….I just spoke to my kids as we are getting ready to go to Disney World next week. Stay with me at all times, hold my hand in the parks, never let me out of your eyesight and yell if you don’t see me. Go to the nearest adult and ask for help. I always talk to my kids about dangers that lurk. I am taking my bestie with me on this trip so that I don’t go by myself to make sure that there is an extra adult to help keep an eye on things. As parents we must keep an eye on our kids as best as possible. I wasn’t at the zoo so I don’t know what happened maybe the mother turned to talk to someone else and the child slipped who knows.

Grilling – So I grilled over the weekend for the first time on Charcoal. See the hubs use to grill all the time he was the grill master. I would season the meat he would light the fire and grill the food. He tried to show me one time but that fire scared the shat out of me so I ran and never learned again. Now that he is gone I decided to try my hand at grilling. I love grilled food and I wanted some for memorial day weekend. So I bought a grill the combo one that has the gas and charcoal. See I can do the gas…but that charcoal. So I thought I would start off doing the gas this weekend but for some reason the gas didn’t work so I decided to be brave and do the charcoal. I grilled on Saturday evening and Sunday. Saturday I did good we light the fire and cooked it was easy but on Sunday…I let my son put the lighter fluid on the coals (which I shouldn’t have done) and we light the fire and swoosh here goes the big fire going up. I thought for sure I would have had to call the fire department. We were scared but it died down. I think next time I will do the honors of putting the lighter fluid on because his butt his lighter fluid happy. Overall the food was good and I cooked by myself. Somehow I feel that the hubs was proud too! (I took the picture to show someone to make sure I didn’t need to call the fire department as a false alarm)



Disney World – So next week my kids and I + my bestie will be hitting the hwy to go to Disney world. This will be our first time ever at Disney world. I have never been and neither have my kids. We will also be doing Universal Studio as I heard it was much better than Disney World so we shall see. We are staying at Universal Studios and then making our way to Disney World. I am excited! Tell me what I need to know about Disney world or Universal Studio? I need tips, suggestions on where to eat, what to pack, what to expect, do I need a stroller, come on tell me……..

#atlantattaughtme – This right here on Twitter was hilarious. I hate Atlanta….yeah I said it. It’s overpopulated, traffic is thick no matter the time of day, the people here are about themselves, men are gay or got 10 women, there is no good seafood places here, and did I mention there was traffic at all times of the day. I came here to go to college. I never imagined that I would stay…..then I met my late husband and we had some minions and I ended up staying here. Now that he is gone I struggle with my decision on should I stay or should I go. I know that it’s important to keep my kids in the same environment that they are use too but I sure do miss my hometown of Charleston,SC. Because I am that mother who puts her kids first I have decided to stay …at least until they finish high school After the last one graduates I am out of here. In the meantime I am going to start going home more often so that I can teach my children about their culture and where I am from. Did you move away from home? Did you go back or stayed in another state/country?

Graduating – Congrats to everyone who graduated! So proud of everyone who did what they needed to do. When I graduated from college I was pregnant with my son so I wasn’t able to walk across the stage. I did however regret getting into so much debt for college. I have always wanted to be a business owner and I felt that I didn’t need college for that. This is my opinion but I won’t force my kids to go to college. If they want to go fine if they don’t then that’s fine also. I do require that they take up a trade or go and do something meaningful for them and not sit around and do nothing but I do not require that they go to college. My son wants to be a chef so I suggested cooking school for him and I will make sure he pursues that dream. My daughter however wants to go to UGA and so I will support hers also. College isn’t for everyone and you don’t have to have a degree to know your worth.

My goals this week: To read a book, read my new favorite magazine (Ad Week), clean my fridge out, and find out where my damn couch is at from Haverty’s. I ordered a couch on April 9th…I understand that it was a customized couch but dammit…where is my couch. Haverty’s is to high for them to be playing with my couch. I want my money back at this point. They claimed that I will have my couch by June 6th….so one more week of sitting on my floor and craning my neck up to the tv…*big sigh*

“At a certain point we need to grow up; we need to look inside ourselves for our inner guidance. There are things most human beings know; they just don’t want to know them. They know deep down that certain things in their lives are working or aren’t working, that certain parts of their lives are functional and others are dysfunctional. But sometimes, as human beings, we don’t want to know what’s not convenient. So we pretend not to know.” — Adyashanti

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    May 31, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    I’m so tired of that gorilla… And all these perfect parents #thatisall
    Disney: stay hydrated. Take breaks. Pace yourself. And use those fast passes. #fastpassisbae
    I saw your grilling photos!! Girl you go! I’m still scared of that fire! Lol

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    May 31, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    For all the people questioning the zoo about killing the gorilla I wonder if they’d be so judgmental if it was their child/relative?

    Girl what in the world are you gonna do with a stroller at Disney? Enjoy!

    I’m afraid to grill too although I love the food. Guess I’ll put on my big girl drawls and a burn suit and try it!

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    May 31, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    I’m tired of the gorilla talk and I agree about the quickness a child can disappear. I’ve been scared several times when my girls were little, so no judging on my part.
    Enjoy Disney, I want to go, lol.

    I’ve heard that Atlanta is crowded and traffic is a nightmare. I was born there at Fort McPherson Army base so I want to come back to visit.

    I’ve live in LA and came back home and I’ve lived in St Louis and been back a year. Although I hate moving, I love the challenges of living in a new city.

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    Kenya G. Johnson
    June 6, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    LOL at Lashawn. I’m tired of hearing abotu the gorilla too. I haven’t been to Disney in 19 years but I said if I ever did it again, we’d be in line when the park opened and have a map to get to the ride we wanted to get on. You can waste a lot of time just being in line. I saw your facebook post and glad you made it safely. Enjoy!

    As for home, moved away in ’97. I’m the closest now than I have been. We lived in Japan and then Florida. We are staying here and I’m cool with a four hour drive. I don’t know how I’ll feel about it though when my parents are really old and the inevitable day that it’s only one of them there alone.

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