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Talk Tuesday May 3

May 3, 2016

Whoa…it’s May…Christmas will be here if we blink to hard. As always….I give my opinion about things…leave yours and respek…(yes I said respek) others.

Today is teachers appreciation day – I always try to go all out for Teachers Appreciation day but it snuck up on me this year. I will regroup and get the teacher something on Friday. Something personal is nice but a gift card will have to work for now because I don’t have time to put anything together. I don’t even know my sons teacher this year they went to different classes and I am not buying for 4 teachers….nope won’t do it. So I will focus on my daughters teacher and my son will give each of his teachers a nice rose or something small. If you have a Kirklands near you they have packaged gift bags for teachers that are cute. I got one from their last year for my kids teacher.

I am opening back Kokoa Media and Branding – Okay, so since the hubs died…I “stopped” doing logos and such things. I put the quotations because I am doing a few but only a few like one client a month. I love putting logos together and helping people with their brands…I just don’t like the client aspect of it. I hate dealing with folks who can’t choose a color, don’t know what they want, and go to their facebook page with something and come back to me with 50 million changes. If I could have a few good clients who give me no trouble….I would be good to go but with any business you will have issues with someone. After taking a much needed break …and after reading the 30th email from someone begging for me to come back I have decided to come on back and get to work. I will still only be taking on a few clients at a time but I am fully opening my operation back in June. With that said I will only be offering Social Media Marketing, Brand photography, and Logos. I will not be doing websites but will recommend someone to you for that aspect of things. I will keep the name Kokoa Media and the motto that I am helping those who don’t have a lot have a great brand. So since I am going to be new to brand photography who wants to be my guinea pig? From now until June I will be offering free brand photos to anyone in the Atlanta area who has a business and need some photos done. This can consist of headshots for your portfolio, taking pictures of you at your place of service or setting up your brand for me to take photos. If you live out of state and want to send me your products you can do that too just make sure you pay for me to ship them back. Y’all can’t get everything for free SHAT! Make sure you share my email with everyone you know I will take on as many as I can and once I get full I will cut it off. Tell everyone to email me at info@kokoamedia.com

My son has been smelling himself lately – So on Friday I had to meet a friend for something. Since I was on the other side of town and traffic was heavy I decided to window shop and wait until the traffic died down before we headed home. There are some shops right by each other like Torrid, Target, Marshalls, etc. So when we got to the third spot my son says mom..can we please go I am sick of being out here. Okayyyyyyyyyy the traffic will be down in about 30 minutes so come on. Then in the next store he says…Mom I am bored can you hurry up. Again I was nice and said no we will wait you can sit in the front of the store while I browse if you don’t want to walk with me. When we went target…is where he acted a fool. He didn’t even want to walk in the door he was like can I just go sit in the car please I am tired of walking around and I want to go now. So….he threw a temper tantrum and he is 10. I get it as a toddler but you are 10 years old so I politely pulled him to the side and pinched the shit out of him real hard and told him if he talked one more time all electronics would be shut down for the entire weekend. We go when I say we go, got it …good. That was Friday so on yesterday I made him wear shorts. I have one pair of shorts that he needs to wear before his big behind grows again so I can get my money’s worth. He didn’t want to wear them to school because he said the class was too cold. I know those classrooms are very cold so I asked him where his jacket was…oh he lost it. It’s the third one he’s lost since Jan so since you losing my money how about you go ahead and wear the shorts as punishment. Do you know that this boy cried the entire way to school. I was dumbfounded. Now I know he just lost his dad and his world is in shambles but at some point we can’t keep using Dad is gone as an excuse to act up. He goes to counseling and he is getting help but this type of behavior I will not have. So he is shut down for the entire weekend….yet again. At this point I don’t know when he will get his electronics. I expected this from the girl but not from him. My daughter on the other hand is walking around talking about I slayed him…………*sigh*

Mothers Day – I am going home for Mother’s day this year. I haven’t been home since Feb of 2014. So what’s home……Home is Charleston, SC. Since my mom has passed I think it would be nice to go visit her grave and leave some flowers on there for her this Mother’s Day. I also need some real seafood and to see a real beach. It will be a quick trip as I am just going for the weekend and kids have to be back in school on Monday. It will be a great mother’s day present for me. BTW I already have my mother’s day gift. Make sure that you buy yourself something for mother’s day. Birthday’s and Mother’s day is my day. Those are the days that I take the time to do something for me. I bought two new lens for my camera…no expensive purses, or clothes, or shoes, or massages….just something that invests in my business to take me to a new level.

Just a thought…………….

People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

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    May 3, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Congrats on re opening the business!! You are offering some amazing services for free here, I wished I lived near you! So glad you are going home. Another lens would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me!! We are so i the same wavelength

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    May 3, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Yay!! I’m so glad you opened back up Kokoa media **rubs hands together in glee**
    Um…my 6 year old is starting to feel himself…um no sir. Have a seat
    I bought myself a ticket to next year’s Mom 2.0. for mother’s day. But I want a new lens too…. *cries*

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    Kenya G. Johnson
    May 3, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    We received a BOLO call from the school, they do it once a month to give you announcements for the month. But an announcement about Teacher’s Appreciation would have been nice to have before the weekend and BEFORE I ran errands yesterday. So I really hate to not do something but – we’ll see. It snuck up on me too.

    I like to buy myself special for my birthday and Mother’s Day too. I like investment gifts too, not a here today massage – feeling gone tomorrow. I already bought it. It’s exciting to me and something I wanted – a splurge on a $40 20oz thing to drink water out of. Did your eyes bug out at $40? It’s making me drink water and it stays cold even if it’s been sitting in the hot car for hours. I got to test that this weekend.

    I hope the kids temperments are better this weekend so you can enjoy them and the trip 😉

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    Brenda Pace
    May 4, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    Oh girl, I’m so glad to hear Kokoa is making a comeback! Yeah!

    I hope you have an awesome Mother’s Day. You definitely deserve it!


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