As always I give my opinion and you can give yours. We may not agree but I ask that you respect others. What’s been going on……

Transgender Bathrooms – So the big talk is whether companies should let men into the women bathroom or vice versa. My kids go with me to the bathroom and if I do send my son in alone he has 5 minutes or I go in after him and I stand by that door like a hawk. I think if you have a penis stay in the mens bathroom…you were born a man and although you may not identify as one …you still got the parts. I don’t think we should go messing with bathrooms unless you had surgery and you now have lady parts and have a period….yeah…stay in your lane. Kids and schools should not be touched. If  a child is born with male parts and wants to go into the ladies room…I am sorry they should not be allowed to go. If they have a fear of being bullied then wait to use the bathroom at home like my kids do who aren’t transgender. I don’t know sometimes we can go a bit far with trying to change things. I do not want to see pee all over the toilet seat and shat if I ever have to go to a public bathroom…….wait I see that now with females..never mind.

Supporting Small Businesses – I made a promise to myself last year that I would support no less than two small businesses a month and so far I have been doing good. Some small businesses will get a repeat while others….hell to the no no. Speaking of small businesses I normally order shirts since that seems to be the new “cupcake craze” business going on. I have supported at least 5 shirt businesses and I will tell you this…………the only one I have loved so far was Tees in the Trap. The rest have great messages but I am a big girl and the shirts fit really really tight. I know that the women’s shirts run smaller but the fact that Tees in the Trap had shirts that were unisex and weren’t tight fitting…I was in love. I have finally found a place where I can by shirts and it’s worth every penny! I love other shirt companies I just can’t wear the shirts right now out in public because I look a hot mess so I will continue to patronize Tees in the Trap until I can find other shirt companies that take into account females over the size of 16. X Large isn’t always extra large for some companies and it also depends on the brand of shirts too!

Miss Representation – Women have it tough. I remember when I was around 11 years old a girl said that I was so skinny that I needed to eat an elephant. I remember that I told her she was so ugly she needed to eat a mirror. I was never one to really care about my body or how I looked. Whether I was natural or had a perm. Whether I had the latest makeup or not. I was always a person that thought beauty was more important on the inside because beauty fades. I know so many women that wear cakes and cakes of makeup and then when they take it off…oh wow it’s a big difference. They hide behind that makeup so much that the real them sometimes is unrecognizable. I saw this on Netflix the other night while working on some things and thought this spoke volumes on how the media makes us look. Nowadays I am as fat as a cow and I wear a size 16 and I am 5’2….I love who I am and the size that I wear. If I lose weight great if I don’t great it doesn’t define who I am.


PC vs Mac – So I have had PC’s all my life. My late husband was a PC man he forbid me to get an apple device (well not that extreme I could but he wasn’t going to buy it and I wasn’t going to spend my money lol) In 2010 I bought my first apple device it was a ipod to play my music. Nothing fancy but I liked it. Fast Forward to a month ago my HP desktop started blacking out..I ignored it at first thinking hmmmm maybe it’s just a glitch but when it blacked out yesterday for a hot minute I knew it was time to get something new. Since 2011 I have bought 3 desktops. Started off with Dell then bought an HP then another HP. I have a Dell laptop as well since it was on sale at the time. I want a Mac but those prices…..I work better on a desktop so ideally I would want to get a iMac but eventually when my laptop runs out I will want to get a mac laptop. I priced them and I know that I need to start a gofund me account but I have heard multiple times that the price is worth it. So I am counting my coins…literally I have two buckets of coins that need to be turned into coinstar and I will see how much that yields and then go from there. Do you have a Mac or a PC? I think I still want to keep a PC around since I am so use to it.

Last week of school – So this is the last full week of school for my kids. Their last day is the 24th. This year was tough on them because they lost their dad in the middle of the school year. They have been troopers though and both have passed with flying colors. I am so proud of them for keeping up with their studies and making sure they make dad proud. This summer will be short as they go back to school the last week of July…..yeah you heard that right so they basically have two months out of school. We aren’t doing much this summer. I want to take them on a Disney Cruise but with the price…I am not to sure. I know we will try to visit at least two places this summer for vacation. Any vacation ideas you all want to share? I want something I can drive too and I live in Atlanta, GA. I will be putting my daughter in dance camp during the days, swimming two days a week for both of them, and boxing for my son two days a week so this summer…we will be on the move just around Atlanta.

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