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Mothers Day – I have heard some bad things from my married gals about mothers day. Ooooohhhh weeeeee! My hubs never got me anything but he did give me the day free to do what I wanted to do…well half the day. He told me I could only get a half day. I had a fabulous mothers day though! I went home to Charleston,SC and spent some time with some friends and ate real seafood. I even received a mothers day present from my uncle. A year worth of cleaning services for the rest of the year for my home. Best mothers day gift ever and I can use that because that will take so much off of me. I found a cleaning service to come out here in the country and they start next week Friday I will tell you how it went.

Ungrateful people – I can’t stand ungrateful people. People who you give too but they barely say thank you. I give if I have and I just want you to at least act like you are thankful. I gave someone a mothers day gift and they barely said thank you. When I went home I rented a Dodge Durango and my kids (who were petty and ungrateful) said why did you take the truck back mom we don’t want to ride in your poor car. Come again? My car is paid for….I don’t care what you don’t want to ride in be thankful for what you have. Say thank you and show people how appreciative you are. I don’t care if someone gives me $10 I am so thankful for that 10 bucks I will thank them at least 3 or 4 times.

Teachers having sex with their students – Why is this going on so much in today’s world? I don’t understand…..can someone explain this to me? Now when I was in High school I had a cute history teacher but he was my moms age. I would hope that he wasn’t sleeping with any of the kids in his classroom but you just never know. I think teachers especially young ones need to be very careful. My hubs has a friend who taught high school and he was barely out of college….my first question was hmmm I hope he doesn’t push up on none of those young girls or worse I hope they don’t push up on him. When you become a teacher put some rules for yourself and for your students in place so you don’t get caught up in any mess.

Krispy Kreme was bought for 1.35 million – Lawd knows I love me some Krispy Kreme..when that light comes on…it’s ova. I don’t have a Krispy Kreme out here near me so I have to suffer and eat nothing because Dunkin Dougnuts …has hard donuts. I am not a huge fan of them. I do however love the Dunks drinks preferably over Starbucks. Something in starbucks caramel latte makes me go to the potty so I had to stop getting it. Don’t sleep on Publix donuts either they are very very good. What would you do if you had a million dollars? Would you buy a business, start your own, or just invest/play the stock market?

When does desperation set in – I was having a great convo last night with a friend and we were talking about being desperate and trying to find a man and all that good stuff. When do women become desperate? So many of us (not me) are looking for a man especially those of us who don’t have children or we aren’t married yet. Where are the men? Are there any good ones left? Women are turning to online dating and some are lowering their standard just to have a man and have a baby. Let me be honest with you……and you may not agree….but the men are not in populated cities. Take Atlanta for example….there aren’t any good men here. All the decent ones are me their gone. If you find a man in Atlanta whose single and over the age of 30 ask some questions like how many women do I have to compete with, are you gay, how many kids do you have (which also means how many baby mamas are in the picture), do you have a job….not the street kind but the one where you actually pay taxes, do you have a car, where do you live. I bet my friend $100 there aren’t any decent ones in big cities she would have to go to country towns or places where there are very low ratios of women to men. If you live in Atlanta and you know of a decent man (has a job, doesn’t live at home with his mama or a roommate, has a car, doesn’t have over 2 kids, doesn’t have 5 women at a time) let me know so I can hook him up.

Now hiring sales people – I am now hiring two sales people. If you or someone you know has that awesome selling aspect to them send them my way. I am very informal so if you know someone who wants to make a few extra bucks doing some sales work for me have them contact me at


Be happy for no reason, like a little kid. < is this possible? 


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