Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new edition of Talk Tuesday….you know….the edition where I get to talk shat and you get to give your opinion. Remember we all have one while we may not agree with everyone I do ask that you respect everyone. Let’s start with this story…………..

Teacher arrested after knocking over child

The story above is all over the news. Did she intentionally knock the child over……….sure looks like it to me. Teachers are cruel….y’all didn’t know. My mom worked in a daycare and the owner use to spank the kids who peed on themselves.  I don’t mean just a pop I mean whipping their butts. My mom was in another classroom and when I told her what I had seen ( I went there after school) my mom asked me to make sure because if she went to the authorities and lost her job I better be on the money. My mother caught the owner beating the child the next day and reported her. The daycare did shut down a few weeks later and parents were suing because their children had marks on them and the owner claimed it was from other kids………I was pissed. I am sure the teacher above will say either she was just playing and wanted to give him a tap or she will say that she really didn’t see the baby. Either way the evidence is clear. I hate daycare and nursing homes the things that they do….. I would need 24hr video for me to have peace.

Instagram…*cue horror music*

I admit I am not a huge huge fan of Instagram. I like it but I get mad at the pretty pictures and then get lost for hours going through feeds being nosy. Instagram is now changing things up. They are becoming Facebook and folks are mad. Here is the thing…instagram should be used as a tool to get people back to your website or email newsletter. That is the only thing that is guaranteed to make you money and keep people reading your shat. I hate to say it but you have to have a blog or some type of newsletter for people to sign up too. Social media will change, algorithms will change, people won’t see everything on their TL no matter the social platform. You know what they will see? An email from their favorite influencer, a blog post that pops up in their reader (I use feedly). Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are great but at the end of the day are your 1000+ followers buying from you? No it’s the small number of people who subscribe who want to see you that buy. Social media is great but if you really want to see what I am doing sign up to my newsletter!

When you win the lottery….move!

He died two months after winning $434,272 when he hit the Fantasy 5 jackpot. 432 thousand dollars isn’t a lot of money. Hell sallie mae or whatever they call themselves these days will take up about 60,000 of it. By the time I buy me a good house and decorate it that’s about 300,000. After about 3 balling vacations and a new compact crossover SUV that money is gone. When you win money try not to go on national tv pay to not go on there if you not going to move away from your regular surroundings. Don’t brag about your winnings, don’t show off, and tell as few people as possible. I am saddened that they had to kill him and they still walked away with nothing. Money makes people fool. People will kill for a couple thousands that won’t even last a whole year. Work hard for your money, invest and save. That’s how you become rich.

For those who don’t me…let me re-introduce myself……

My name is Kita…..you can read the long version on my about me page. Here is the short version.

I have been in the blogging game since 2010. I owned a personal blog that saw over 100,000 monthly views but got rid of it…dumb move. I started a magazine called Kokoa Magazine and that again was not the best move. So I am back to my voice, my way. I cuss a lot but you will love me I promise. I am a new widow and yes I am okay God gave me 10 years + with a great man I am blessed because some will never know what it’s like to have a good one. I have two kids a boy (almost 10) and a girl (6 she will be 7 in two weeks) I am in my almost mid 30’s *cries*. I am from Charleston, SC but reside outside of Atlanta…when I say outside of Atlanta I mean 45 minutes from the downtown area in the country….(we are trying to be the suburbs but they slow with it). I own a business where you can hire me…I promise I am professional *cheeses* my 16+ Clients don’t have an issue and they love me. I am funny and I spell things wrong but I do have a Bachelors degree (in Business with a concentration in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University) so my spelling is due to me not really caring what you think. I love to cook, read, and be in my house. I keep it real so get ready for a fun ride!


I must end with something uplifting….so here goes…

Ambition without action is fantasy. Set a goal, write it down and get started. Don’t think forever. Don’t plan forever. Don’t dream forever. Dreaming is not enough without the doing!


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