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Talk Tuesday: June 7

June 7, 2016

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another edition of Talk Tuesday where I talk shat and you can comment with your opinion. Make sure you respect everyone else!

Let’s talk about Fat shaming – Last week I saw two things a big baby who is now dubbed stuff curry and a young lady being picked up by her man for their wedding photos. I am fat…let me go ahead and get that out of the way. I am in fact obese…am I proud of this, no. Have I always been fat…no. I was never more than 120lbs even when I had my first child but you see life got in the way. When my mother died I gained over 100 lbs in 6 months and I have maintained that weight for years never quite hitting below 200lbs. Sure I have tried to lose weight by dieting, exercising, etc but the weight just doesn’t come off so I said whatever and learned to embrace my weight. I am proud to say that I am not on a diet but I do try to eat better by cutting out sodas and too much grains. If I lose weight great if I don’t so what. I use to be ashamed of my weight but there are some ladies out here who are bigger than my 211 lb self who are working it…you heard me WORKING IT(I am short so while 211 might not be bad it’s bad for me. I shouldn’t be anything over 130). I have nothing to be ashamed of. Stop seeing people for their weight and see them for who they are. Stop calling people fat if you are concerned about their weight then maybe hit the gym with them or ask them to go for a walk. Don’t outright call them fat and lazy.

This video is awesome – This little girl made my day! These kids are so smart these days.

Get your affairs in order – This guy had one of the best food trucks in Atlanta. He died a few days ago due to a motorcycle accident. He did not have insurance, his wife doesn’t know a lot of the recipes, and that food truck was their only income. Get your affairs in order. Get a will in place, know whose going to keep your kids, know whose going to get your money, and leave info for someone to find it. I know I don’t trust many people but the few that I do trust know where to find things and knows what to do. It doesn’t cost much to have insurance I talk bout not using go fund me as an avenue to get insurance here.

The police should have moved slower – I don’t blame this man did you see the smirk on the killers face. I would have let that father beat him at least one good time but Karma. It comes around I don’t have feelings against the death penalty one way or the other. I feel that people should suffer personally let the family stone the accused with big bricks.

My sons birthday – My son is now a 10 year old. He turned 10 on June 5th. I have a double digits boy….I can’t believe it. My little Kanye, I call him my little Kanye because he is a Gemini and he has a personality just like Kanye. Long rants, cray cray, and funny at the same time. He is my ace though doesn’t bother me much, class clown in school, loves to cook and eat, and he is still innocent. He knows nothing about sex, he still believes in the tooth fairy, and he still loves watching cartoons. I know that his innocence won’t last much longer because they talk about sex in the 5th grade and he likes one little girl in his class (but won’t tell me her name). The days will be gone where he waits for that dollar under his pillow or when he truly believes Santa is coming. I think I will cry….I try to keep him from bullshit as much as possible but I am also real and I don’t sugarcoat anything. If he asks me a question we have a conversation and I try to make sure I spend quality time with just him as often as possible. Since his Dad died he has been a trooper sometimes he will come sit in my office and say I miss Dad and I say come give me a hug and he gives me a big hug then asks for something to eat in the next breath. I know his dad is proud of the young man he is becoming because I know I am. Happy Birthday to my Dman.


Muhammad Ali – The Greatest good looking boxer has gotten his wings to fly up to heaven. I don’t get sad when the older ones die…he lived…when you have lived your life and have done what you wanted to do and you have made your mark I think it’s a joyous occasion to not have to worry about this old life anymore.

This week: We are in Orlando, Florida soaking up the sun and getting our walk on as we tackle disney world and universal studio. Make sure you follow me on Instagram for updated pictures of our adventure. I will have a full report when we get back. I am also taking classes (while on vacation) for photography I am trying to get better at brand photography as it’s what I want to get into. My desk is finally up and I feel I can get some work done now!

Today is national Chocolate Ice Cream Day…eat some and don’t feel guilty about it!

Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it.

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    June 7, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Dman is getting so big!! Happy birthday to your lil Kanye lol! I think the “stuff curry” baby is insanely adorable and full of so much happy. I wanna pinch his cheeks!! Enjoy Disney!! Looking forward to hearing what you think.

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    Kenya G. Johnson
    June 9, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    I do get upset – no matter how old because I remember them as they were in their Prime. But I know what you mean. However Maya Angelou’s death though she had lived her life full too, that one was hard for me. I guess because she is my idol. Happy belated to your son. I haven’t see a FB post from you, I hope y’all got at least one sunny day in.

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    Bren Pace
    June 9, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    Happy Birthday DMan! Such a handsome young man1

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