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Talk Tuesday: June 14

June 14, 2016

This is where I get to talk Shat for the week. You can join us every Tuesday and leave your opinions in the comment section. Remember to respect others!

  1. Whew we are back from Orlando. I will have the first post up this week for the first day and a half. The one thing I hated about Orlando the food options sucked! We didn’t get any good food until probably the last day of the trip. More on that to come! I think this will be our only trip of the summer unless I hightail it to someones beach. I might do Savannah next month….just to take the kids to the beach but don’t bet on it! I am exhausted from doing Disney Word and Universal Studio and I need the rest of the summer to recover.
  2. #stopbullying – Is the campaign on twitter that talks about a young lady who killed herself because someone secretly video tapped her showering and showed it to the entire school. Let’s talk bullying shall we….most kids bully because they see someone else do it. I was eating the other day and a girl posted my picture up eating and she hash tagged it. I confronted her because baby….Kita is on social media too. She apologized and took it down but I told her plain if I wasn’t comfortable with me that could have truly turned out bad. See I know I am fat, I have rolls, my body isn’t perfect and I am okay with that. A lot of young ladies aren’t. I am saddened that she took her life and those so called friends weren’t her friends. I am sure they thought it was a joke but to her it wasn’t. I am not a fan of snapchat at all. I know it’s new and people love it but I still don’t understand it and gave up. I will stick with twitter, pinterest, instagram, Facebook, and periscope for now.
  3. Loving some of these new apps but most aren’t on android…..*cries*
  4. I bought some shoes from the outlet mall in Orlando. It was Nike and I paid $99 bucks for them. I love sneakers and I buy them only when on sale. I didn’t try them on thinking an 8 1/2 would work. When I got home they were too tight so I took them back to the Nike store near me. I get there and I am told that they only give me what the shoe is worth because I didn’t have the receipt. Come again…….I mean I know I lost the receipt and I am all for getting a gift card or something since I didn’t have it but I can only get what the shoe was worth. I could not find the receipt so I went ahead and angrily got the money back which was only $42 bucks. Lesson learned! I am not a fan of Nike outlet anymore because they don’t even honor what you paid for it. Soon as I got home I saw the receipt in my car back where the kids sat. I was not a happy camper. I had a good mind to take that receipt and get the rest of my money back but I didn’t even bother since the outlet is far from me. Lesson: Don’t buy shoes from the Nike outlet without keeping the receipt.
  5. Speaking of Orlando.….yes the tragedy that happened down there is senseless. We got back 24 hours before that madness happened. I don’t care if it was terrorist or hate a gun was used to kill. People kill and are born and raised here people kill who have this religion thing they have to prove. If you are killing others due to sex, religion, race, etc then you are a sick individual. Do I believe in the right to carry guns? I don’t care if you do or don’t. My mother was packing for many many years. She never once shot at anything but animals to kill it if they got too close or that one time a man was seen in our backyard with their own gun. Stop blaming the guns the guns don’t get up and kill people, people kill people. Pray for Orlando!
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This week I am trying to catch up on emails since I was on vacation last week. I checked a few of them but for the most part I just let them pile up so if you emailed me I will be getting back to you within the week. When you go on vacation….vacation. Don’t do anything extra and enjoy the moments. I didn’t even take that many photos so you know I was having a grand time.

Our prayers are with this country. I don’t discuss race, religion, or sex too much on this site because I don’t have time for debates, whose right or wrong, or trying to push my belief on others. What I believe is that hate will never ever win…period. 

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    Teja Ray
    June 14, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Love these!!! Can’t wait for your Wednesday periscope!

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    June 14, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    I’m glad you had a great time in Orlando. You’re right, the food isn’t the best unless you spend some money.

    Sad what has happened in Orlando, if people would raise their kids right we wouldn’t have so much hate in the world. My question is, how did that guy get in the club with that gun? Don’t they do searches at the door?

    Sorry about the shoes situation.

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