As always I give my opinion and you don’t have to agree….if you leave a comment leave your comment and respect everyone else! Let’s get into today’s topics……………

Beyonce – Whoa Dere…she premiered her stuff and it was good. Did Jay Cheat or Was she talking about her dad is the question. I don’t think Jay cheated..maybe he flirted with another girl or whatever but actual cheating nope. As I dissected the video I heard the pains of her mother I think she was talking more of what her mother went through and what we as women go through period. It’s tough being a women…we have so much on our plate. We do it all and it’s tough when you have to do it all as a single women. My mom was a single mom and I am one but not by choice. We have to make lemonade out of lemons and deal with the cards we are dealth no matter how we are dealt it. We have to play to win…..So my advice…whatever you are going through we have to suck it up and do what we have to do. Not what we want to do but what we have to do to get to where we need to go. Whatever that something is do it…as long as you aren’t hurting anyone do what you have to do to survive. I am not a fan of Beyonce..never bought any of her albums but I do like this latest one. She did a great job!

The young lady who got beat to death – So we fighting in schools now and killing folk. Where they do that at? Oh right in high school where a girl gets beat by other kids. When I was in high school we fought..well I didn’t but other kids did. If you got into a fight someone would yell fight the entire school would know and teachers would break it up and then you would go to jail. Apparently no one thought to call an adult in this situation…I don’t know but it’s really really sad that a young lady had to lose her life I don’t care if it was over a boy or not. No one should lose their life in high school where kids are supposed to be learning. Someone needs to speak up and say something because they know who did it…these kids talk in school trust me someone knows something. I pray for this young lady’s family and hope they prosecute the kids to the fullest.

Prince – I didn’t grow up in his era. I am an early 80’s baby so when he came out I was fresh out of the oven. I heard my first prince song in the early 90’s and it was diamonds and pearls. Since it was the first song I heard from him it has always been my favorite. What I loved about Prince was that you knew about his music more than you knew about him. People should be honored for what they do not for who they are. Some things should be kept private. That’s why I would never want to be famous…love me for what I do not for who I am. When I get in my 80’s I will be close to seeing my hubs again. I want people to remember what I did to help others so that my contribution to this earth will be remembered long after I am gone. He did that!

We are off to the Zoo today – So this morning after I prayed…I asked the man above to let me speak to the hubs so I can cuss him out for leaving me down here to take these kids on field trips. You see… was the hubs job to take the kids on all of their field trips. He has went on all of them since the kids started school. Secretly I love zoo days because it was torture for the hubs. He complained about the heat and the stink. So today….I am off to the girls field trip to the zoo…I know he laughing. I am not a fan of the zoo…in the heat. Walking and shat smelling like animal…I tried to make excuses for getting out of it by telling my daughter I have to work…she was like seriously mom you work from home you can rearrange your schedule anytime you want. Isn’t that why you say you love being your own boss…..damn her.

Hire me – So if many of you didn’t know I do social media accounts for clients. I stick to small businesses only. No bloggers at all. I run the account of small businesses so that I can help them be great online. I have about 20 something accounts that I manage. If you have a small business or know of someone that does and they need help contact me!

Nothing real can be threatened. It’s one of the lyrics to a song that I loved from Beyonce. If things are meant to be business, love, friendships, etc then it will be. Nothing real can be threatened.

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