There is a small population of us who don’t fly….I am in that group of people. I have always been afraid of flying even before September 11. I don’t know why I have such a fear of the sky….it’s a combination of people saying that it’s scary, never having the funds, me not wanting to die falling out of the sky, and just a fear of taking that leap and dealing with long lines at the airport. I like to carry a lot of bags when I travel so the cost…I don’t know. Plus, I like road trips to be able to stop in small towns and see the world…it’s beautiful. I know that planes are faster but I still prefer the roads. I also don’t need anyone saying well you can get killed on the roads too…….yes you can. You can be killed sitting in your house but I still prefer the wide open roads than the wide open sky. My friend and I argue all the time she says that I limit myself by not seeing the world but maybe the world isn’t on my bucket list to see. Hell I have barely seen Atlanta and I have lived here for over 10 years.

I love to travel don’t get me wrong I have been to most all of the states on the East Coast and a few in the middle and on the West Side. I also travel by train a lot too. So what do you do for summer travels if you don’t fly? Here are some ideas……

Take a week and travel in your own back yard – As I have said I have lived in Atlanta for over 10 years and I don’t even travel around here much. So many unique hidden spots around town that I don’t know about them until someone else mentions them. Towards the end of summer the kids and I will hop on Marta (the public transportation system here in Atlanta) and explore what it is to see downtown. I plan on making a week of it where we eat at various places in and around town and check out what it is that people love about Atlanta so much.

Make it a girls trip just for adults – So I loved when Oprah and Gayle traveled in the car. It was so fun to watch. I think doing a girls trip (no kids) would be great. Take a weekend, get in the car, and just go. No destination necessary. Just take a map and your phones and hit the open roads and go. It’s fun when you don’t really know the destination….but you learn so much on the journey. Check out some shopping places, go to new places to eat and just have a blast.

Don’t just visit Grandma…pick her up and take her somewhere – So most summers if you live away from your loved ones you visit them during the summer. Well this summer..pick the grandparents up and take them somewhere with you. My mom has passed but I made a suggestion to my friend to pick her mom up (who lives in Charlotte, NC) and take her to the water park or somewhere fun for the weekend. Don’t ask grandma just drop by the house tell her to hop in the car and drive. You may or may not get cussed out but hey….this will pay her back for dragging you around when you were little lol.

Take a train somewhere – I love Amtrak and I have been on there a lot. Why not take a train to New York City. You can do this with just you and your boo for a few days. Leave the kids with someone and hop on the train and go North! Make your marriage exciting by doing things out of the ordinary. Most people fly to destinations why not take the serene route and go by train.

Of course you can go on a cruise, go camping, rent an RV, go to your nearest beach etc. Don’t let having the fear of flight make you stay in your city. If money is tight explore your surroundings. All you need is gas and a cooler filled with food and drinks and you are good to go. You never know what you may find as you travel! Where will you be going this summer? Are you flying or making it a road trip?

summer travel ideas for those who don't fly

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