The first day of Summer is June 21st and it will be here if we blink hard. This summer I want to start my first ever summer series where I will be helping businesses promote their product or brand through photos. I am going to call it the 12 Weeks of Summer photography series. So a little background about what I do. I am a brand photographer I take photos of brands for the purposes of marketing. Some brands have beautiful photos and they hire a photographer to take the photos. Because I have a business degree and I take photos I thought it would be the perfect niche for me to go into when it comes to photography. Some people use the photos online for their website, some use the photos for social media marketing, some use the photos for quotes, etc. You can use the photos how you want but what I do is come in and assess what you need as far as visual marketing goes and we go from there. You won’t find any prices on my website because every company needs different things. So for example one of my favorite brands thus far is The Dry Bar. Notice how 90% of their photos have that brand of yellow in them… I take your brand and I make it come to life visually. I work with brands that I can’t name (signed a confidentiality clause sorry) so you have seen some of my photos around on some big brand websites. I also have some photos here online because my heart is with small businesses!

What is brand photography? Great question

Brand photography is a collection of customized, cohesive images that represent the style and story of your brand. Headshots are boring….brand photography takes your boring headshots and give them some life with who you are because let’s face it….people buy from people they like. Brand photography takes who you are and your business and places that into the picture. If you are a real estate agent sure you want some great headshots but what if you had some shots of you selling homes or you in a home staging it or you with your buyer at closing. I take a deeper look into what you offer and bring that into the photo. Strong imagery can build brand awareness and a connection with your audience. Imagine telling the story of your business : your purpose, your personality, your process, your passions through impactful photos. Take your audience on a journey!

Your brand needs to tell a visually attractive story to attract the clients and customer who are ready to work with you. Why? Because it’s true that photos can speak louder than words. I have worked with authors, hair salons, bakeries, etc. So I take my marketing degree and work with you to produce a visual that speaks to you. I also want to make sure no one else takes your photos because you know…..everyone uses stock photos but what if you had your own photos. Here is what I normally offer

Discussion of your brand identity and goals
Styled photography session of your products or services
High resolution images with print release
Web ready versions resized for your website (up to two sizes)
Instagram friendly versions of photos

You can find more of what I offer here! You don’t have to worry about models I have them, you don’t have to worry about styling I have a stylist, you don’t have to worry about buying items to use as props….I have that also. I have a studio that I work in and I do natural light (I love love love natural light the best but different clients need different things). I do offer basic packages to for bloggers and small business owners! Contact me for details.

But let’s get back to the contest. So this summer I am giving away 12 weeks of branding photos for a small business. Here is how it will work Starting on June 19th I will showcase a small business photo series where I will take you behind the scenes of how I get ready for a brand, how I come up with the visual concept and take some photos. Each week I will do one business and showcase photos for their brand the entire week on my social media outlets (so extra exposure to my audience). You can nominate a business or you can apply to have your own business photos taken. This is free for 12 businesses as I will showcase one business a week. You can start now by sending me an email at of the business and where you are located. I will travel if you live in one of the surrounding states of GA so don’t worry if you don’t live in GA. I will take headshots of you, and provide you with up to 60 different photos for your business for you to use however you like. It can be a product based business (remember I have models) It can be a service based business (own a hair salon I can come and take photos for a few days that week), it can be a blogger (I can do lifestyle shots for upcoming brands you are working with), you can be an author (headshots and photos that represent you) etc. This is a first come first serve business so there is no contest to enter whoever emails me will get their weekly date and then we go from there setting up times, concepts, and everything else you need. If you are not ready during your week then I will bump someone else up into your place so if you snooze you lose. I will outline everything I will do as I get the emails in and give you your date so if you know of any businesses tell them to email me. Once I get to 12 businesses I will then have a waiting list for about 5 more businesses and who knows I may take them all on you never know with me, but definitely the first 12 who contact me are guaranteed an in. Let me spell in details what you will get

Visual for your brands (headshots, product shots, service shots, stock photography)

Exposure on my website and my social media

60+ photos for your brand that’s for you only with release to use the photos however you want

Real life photos for you to use

Social media images for you to use for quotes, on your website, etc.

Remember to email me at and put you or someone you know on the list. I will handle everything you need! You must be a real business, you must be signed up to my newsletter (link at the bottom of my page) and you must follow me on FB/Instagram. That’s it so apply today! If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email me at anytime and I will answer them for you! I can’t wait to take your business to the next level!

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