With Google anything is possible to do. If we wake up one day and want to become a baker….we can go to Pinterest or Google to bake a cake. If we wake up one day and we want to be a graphic designer we can go to Google. Sometimes though we just need to stay in our lane. There are things we are good at and there are things we are great at. You don’t know how many times I have seen it. Someone will inquire about my prices for my business I tell them all that is involved and they say oh I can do it myself with the help of Youtube. I just smile and say okay…..then when they have messed it up they want to come to me to fix it. Sometimes we have to learn how to stay in our lane and do what we do best. We all can do everything but some people just have a natural gift to do great things and we can’t compete in their lane. Here are some examples…….

1.  When there is an accident on the HWY and you see the red and blue lights flashing, what do you do? Most people want to stop and stare while holding up traffic. This is true when it comes to your gift. If you are on your own path you don’t have time to stop and stare at what someone else is doing. Those that stop and stare….they can’t stay in their lane. They are to busy worrying about what you are doing, trying to keep up with you, trying to be nosy. When I am driving I don’t have time to see whats going on. I pray and keep it moving hoping that all is well and knowing that I can’t take my eyes off the road, I have to keep going.

2. Don’t you hate it when a car is weaving in and out of traffic going nowhere in a hurry. You know that car that seems impatient or that car that might be late. All the weaving and bobbing that they do and they still end up at the same red light. This is true in life. People will do something to make a little money then be out. Weaving into something then getting out of it when the going gets tough. If it’s your gift you will stick to it no matter how hard it gets. You will stay on the same course no matter the timing. People who take their time getting there are the ones who have dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s. They don’t need to rush they don’t need to cut in front of you or act like they are in hurry. People like this are always in a rush to do something and then end up looking at you cray cray when you get to the red light with them. They say to themselves I left you way back there how did you catch up with me.

3. Changing lanes are good…sometimes. You are in the lane going home and then you see a sign that says construction ahead two left lanes are closed. Normally when you see this you should move over or start making your way into a lane where there is no construction. Some people will stay in a lane and know that they aren’t going anywhere. They stay somewhere until it’s to late never seeing the caution signs before they move over. Sometimes we know our gifts and sometimes our gifts are meant to be used another way. If you feel that your gift is leading you down the road where there is a construction sign…start getting over now. You aren’t getting out of your lane per say because the road still leads you to your gift…you are just changing lanes (changing how you use your gift). Nothing is wrong with that.

Whatever your gift is use it wisely. Just like a car it can be a dangerous thing if you live your life on this earth without realizing your gift or die not truly living your dreams. How do you stay in your lane?

Stay in your Lane when it comes to your gift

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