Everyone is starting a business these days. Moms, kids, grandma, men, women, everyone! Stores are closing down and people are trying to hustle their side money through side hustles and side businesses. Some of us work our business full time while others do it on the side. However you do your business the first thing that comes to mind is……where will I get the money from to start this business. How much do I need to start? Do you borrow from the bank, your friends, or do you just start the business and hope money comes. Here are a few ways to start without going broke.

Meet a need – There is a lady that comes to my house to clean (paid for by my uncle for my mothers day present this year) Cleaning doesn’t cost anything because hey we have to clean anyway. So what if you took all your cleaning supplies and started cleaning for busy moms, busy boss women, busy families. Hmmmm that’s money right there and you don’t have to spend anything but time. The lady who cleans my house started cleaning for her friends who were busy, then word started to spread until now she owns her own cleaning business and raking in the dough. She fulfilled a need one that is very much needed. I don’t have time to clean my home because I rip and run with kids 5 days out of a 7 day week, I also run my own business. When do I have time to clean……I would rather rest on the one day that I might have free that week. Another need that needs fulfillment is having someone cook for me. I need that badly because I am so tired of eating out daily. I don’t have time to cook if I can find someone to prepare my meals maybe twice a week and save me that time……chile……if you live in Atlanta and know someone send them my way (east of Atlanta) If you can meet a need money will come!

Barter – I did this in the beginning but you have to be careful of who you are bartering with. Not everyone holds up to their end of the bargain. My advice would be to make sure you trust the person and always go with your gut. Make sure that what you are offering is worth it for what they give you in return. Don’t do something that you value as $100 and get something in return for half of that. Make sure that you know your worth and make sure whoever you barter with treats you as if you are paying because you are……with your time and service. Don’t give them half ass work and then turn around and expect greatness. Give to them as if they are paying you and hopefully they will do the same. Bartering doesn’t have to be about money either. If you need a photographer and the photographer needs a babysitter……call that person up and say hey….I can babysit for you for a couple of hours for a photoshoot. If you need your hair done and someone needs something in return get the pricing structure right so that you can make sure you get what you give.

Get a part time job – I know that working full time and trying to run a business full time is….a lot. If you find that you don’t have enough money and you are married or have some savings in the bank why not get a part time job and use that money to invest in your business. You aren’t borrowing anything from anyone and you are essentially working so that you can put money into your dreams. This starts your business with nothing being owed! I know someone who started a business she’s an older lady. She babysits kids on the side and takes that money to invest into her baking business. Use your time and money wisely so that you can come out on top!

Ask people – There are a lot of non profits that will help you for free. There are a lot of people who will do things if you just ask. Many people ask me to do little things to help them in their business and I don’t mind. If it only takes me 10 minutes to maybe spread the word about your business on my social media outlets…that’s fine. Now if you want me to take photos and do a write up that’s a different story but something simple as a tweet or a Facebook mention…..no problem. I don’t even want anything in return. People have helped me with little things and I don’t mind doing things for others. You never know what you will get if you ask. Ask your mom if she would mind helping you in your business maybe you want to start a party design business….your mom who is retired can help you hunt down deals and help you set up without you having to pay someone else. The worse someone can say is no….

Make sure your business has what it takes to survive out here because it’s tough.  Don’t borrow money unless you know you can pay it back and think long term. Will this business survive 3 years from now. What can I do to cut cost and still provide quality products and services? Can I get my teenage niece to help or my uncle to help? If there is a will there is a way and if you truly want to start your business don’t let not having money stop you!

Starting a business with 0 dollars

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