Spring is all about cleaning. I’m not a huge fan of cleaning but I truly don’t know anyone who is a fan of it. However, as adults (sadly) we have no choice. When I say cleaning, I don’t just mean our house. Included in that is our cars, our yards, and even our social media. That’s right, all of that gets forgotten or left to get cluttered throughout the year. While cleaning season is going on, we should focus on cleaning everything up. I’m going to focus on Pinterest because it seems Pinterest is the worst one for getting cluttered. It’s too easy to pin a pin to the wrong board and just leave because we don’t want to take the effort to go fix it right then. Stuff like that is what makes my Pinterest get all kinds of twisted. So, here are a few ways I spring clean my Pinterest when the time comes.

First, what kind of random boards do you have floating around your Pinterest? Which ones just sit there and rarely, if ever, get something pinned to them? Those boards need to go. Scroll through them to see if there’s something in there you really want to keep and move it to another board and delete that board. Having dead boards is a waste of space.

What group boards do you belong to? It’s too easy to quickly accept invites to group boards as they come in. However, how many of those do you actually pin to? Same as the other boards, get rid of them. Group boards are only useful if you use them! Leaving them there will only clutter up your profile.

Speaking of your profile, have you checked it lately to make sure all the info is up to date and correct? There’s nothing worse than running a business with outdated info all over your social media. Keep that fresh and alive. I would even suggest changing up your description from time to time in order to match the season, etc. Gives people something new to see on your page that’s about you.

Pinterest has this neat thing where you can drag and drop your boards to reposition them. You should be doing this as the seasons change but at least do it now. Anything that is spring related, drag and drop at the top of your page. This way, if people come to your profile, all the topics they’re going to be interested in are at the top of your page which will draw them in and make them want to look and stay longer.

Lastly, go through every single one of your boards and remove all the pins that don’t belong in that category. Having a recipe in your fashion board just makes you look unorganized and that’s the last thing you want to portray with your business. You can either move the out of place pin to another more appropriate board or just delete it altogether. However you choose, just get it out of there.

That should just about do it. A neat and tidy Pinterest, just like a neat and tidy in-person business, will keep bringing the customers back for more.

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