We all love Facebook. I am always on there 24/7. The key with me though is that I only have about 100 friends on Facebook. I am not a fan of having people on my Facebook page that I don’t know so I put them on the restriction list until I get to know them better. I also want to see what they post on their TL before I decide to let them into my world. Not everyone can take my cussing and shat so I have to be careful who I let on my Facebook personal page. I also share pictures of my family on there so it’s another reason I am very careful about that space. There are a few people that I just can’t have on my Facebook page so every so often I do a spring cleaning of Facebook peeps, fan pages, and Facebook groups. Let’s start with spring cleaning the Facebook Peeps

The Showoff

I love to brag every now and then but some people take it to the extreme bragging at least 3 times a day. Those people have to go off of your timeline. I can’t stand someone who says life is good every single day…..survey says that’s a lie. Life has ups and downs and portraying that your life is perfect all the time and telling people you bought this or you bought that….I can’t stand it. If you are that person you have got to go.

The Arguer

The person who argues with you about what foods you should or shouldn’t eat. They debate with you about politics one day and then how you raise your child the next. They always have something to say about everything you share and they want to pop off as the president says. Get rid of this person…immediately

The Coworker or Boss

Why you have your boss on your FB page I will never know. Do you really want them on your page piecing together what you do? How about that coworker whose not really a friend but you let them on your FB page just because and they start spreading stuff or making assumptions about what you put on your page. Get rid of them or if you don’t want to be mean…put them on the restriction list. That way they only see when you change your profile pictures lol.

The Stranger

You know the one who use to know from a various outing or maybe your kids played together for football or something. You don’t really interact with them very much and you don’t really know them that well. Yeah you use to have something in common but not anymore. Get rid of them…they won’t miss you because they don’t even talk to you, comment on your pictures, or like anything on your TL. Trust me they won’t even know you are gone.

spring cleaning your facebook page

Fan pages

So I join a lot of follow threads (it’s a blogger thing) and I like way to many pages. I stopped joining them because I just don’t want a lot of pages in my feed. If I see a page in my feed that just doesn’t gel with me I will unlike the page. I do this once a month. Yes I love for my numbers to be high but at the end of the day I only want to follow pages that I truly love and want to keep up with.

Facebook Groups

I am apart of about 10 (I think) I try not to go over 12 at the most. If I never comment or give any value to the group then why am I a part of it. Most people turn notifications off to most groups that don’t appeal to them but why even do that….just leave the group. Don’t jump in the group when there is a follow thread or you need eyes on a post or only when it’s beneficial to you. Join groups that you can benefit from and you have something of value to add. I will join a group and look around and if I don’t comment or like anything in the group after a few weeks I get rid of it. I always get rid of groups that don’t update often. There are some groups that are just to overwhelming…..if the group has over 1,000 people I am weary unless it’s a group that will benefit my growth.

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What are some things you do to make your feed clean?


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