A few weeks ago I brought you part one of our weekend trip in Atlanta now it’s time to bring you part two. We left off with our night at intermezzo. We got back in late and decided to sleep in until time for checkout. After we checked out of Loews Hotel we decided to get some brunch at Copelands in Cobb County. Copelands is a New Orleans type of place and their brunch is amazing! They have brunch on Saturday’s and Sundays….Sundays they have a jazz band playing. I have been on both days and I will tell you Sunday’s seem to be better but get there before the church crowd. The cost is decent and it’s a lot of food think Golden Coral but 20 times better.


After we ate the kids took their regular pose. Everytime these girls get together they pose it’s always just the two of them too


We went to Pier one to browse and look around and price Christmas ornaments. So I had no idea Christmas decor would be an arm and a leg….hell you might as well throw in a body too.

weekends in Atlanta

Why can’t I have a nice tree that won’t cost me over $500 bucks. I know they say get your decor after Christmas but I see new things and I want it now. I don’t know what I am going to do as far as a tree but I will figure it out soon enough. I was thinking about getting a real tree this year since it’s the first Christmas without the hubs or dad do something new. We have had fake trees since I was a baby and I wanted to change things up…..we shall see. After we went browsing it was time to head out to the Aquarium….let’s talk GA Aquarium.

ga aquarium

It’s expensive as hell! I am not here to lie to you or paint a pretty picture. This place took all of our budget that we had left. For all 9 of us to go we spent about $250 to see fishes…………I won’t be going here again on my own dime. I will have to find a sugar daddy or some other way to go. While it’s a nice place and great for kids I honestly feel parents shouldn’t have to pay so much. Why can’t we get a discount and have the kids pay full price…it’s for them not us. Who has the best aquarium? GA is okay but TN is a tad bit better in my opinion.

GA Aquarium

After we saw the fishes we came on back to the country life. It’s great to explore your city and leave your home to see what there is right in your own back yard. Here are some tips for you and your family

  • Have a plan of action and stick to your budget. We had a budget and we stuck to it and we even had $60 bucks left…..that’s huge after 9 people. Don’t spend money where you don’t have to. Food and hotel takes the biggest chunk out of your budget so pick wisely. We wanted to go to an expensive place to eat on Friday night but opted for somewhere a bit cheaper and budget friendly.
  • Attractions cost. Try to pay for them through groupon, see if your job has discount tickets, or purchase them online. Sometime’s it’s cheaper going the online route than buying in person
  • Stay in a budget friendly hotel but find a nice one.  You don’t have to stay in a hole in the wall pay for something nice. Look for deals and recommendations online before you make your move and try to stay somewhere where you can walk and see the sights without getting in your car
  • Do something new! If you are going to visit somewhere eat somewhere that you’ve never been and visit places you’ve never been. I have been to aquarium many times but my cousins haven’t so it was their first…and I think last time lol
  • Step away from electronics for the weekend. I had my phone and laptop at night to do some work but during the day…I actually took in the sites. I made my son hand over his phone so that he can actually see things and look up. I shared a picture on instagram of him doing just that
  • Take lots of pictures. Between my camera and my cousins camera we walked away with no less than 800 pictures for the entire weekend. Some we will make into a canvas and put it in a book for a keepsake to give to the kids. We want them to know that we made memories which is the number one thing

Have you ever had a staycation? Was it better than going out of town? Was it cheaper or the same price?

Spend the weekend in Atlanta part 2

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