Summer is here! As a small business owner it can be tough to get people engaged and really working during the summer. I don’t know about you but managers seem to be a little less overbearing and workers seem to be on vacation while at work. Most employees take their vacation time during the summer so it can be hard to keep the company at a high steady pace during the summer months. It’s hot and everyone wants to literally chill. If you are a small business owner though you don’t have time to chill you have work to do all year round. Here are some tips to help you stay on your toes during the hot summer months.

Enjoy the holidays and incorporate them into your business – 4th of July just left. What did you do to promote your business and tie it in with the 4th? I hope you didn’t just put up a happy 4th of July picture and called it a day. Okay so let’s say you missed that opportunity let’s not miss anymore for the rest of the summer. Incorporate national holidays and summertime fun into your promotions. If you sell cupcakes make an ice cream flavored cupcake just in time for the summer. If you sell t-shirts make a summer time t-shirt saying maybe something that ties in with your brand. My brand is Really Kita so I can make a shirt saying “It’s Really Hot” or “I’m really Hot this summer…buy me an ice cream” If you sell home decor redo someones bathroom decoration that introduces summer. Offer summer theme promotions all summer long. Do something catchy and just in time for the summer. I work for a car detailing company for his summer promotion he decided to have all of his workers where tank tops all summer long that said “Your car is hot, let us cool it down” And if you came to get your car detailed by him he gave you a cool down discount to use during the Fall.

Host an event – Summer time concerts are all over Atlanta. I was even invited to an ice cream networking event at a local ice cream parlor. Summertime is a a great time to host events and make your money at the same time. If you have a salon maybe host an event to help people maintain their hair in the summer. Have an educational class with some themed treats. You can even do a camp for adults for the summer who says summer camp can only be for the kids. There is a music store in my neighborhood who has an evening summer camp just for kids and get this…they offer babysitting while you are at camp…..great way to unwind at night, network with people, and have some fun during the summer. This is a win for the company too because they are doing something unique and getting people in their store during the summer. You can even do a back to school event at your store. Which brings us to our next tip……..

Give back during the summer – So many people and businesses only give during the holidays (Christmas) why is that? Give all year round. Host a charity event for people less fortunate in your community. Link up with a local non profit and do something together. People love to spend their money with people who give back to their community. If you own a coffee shop have something during the summer where people can donate money in a box and give away iced coffee for those who can’t afford it. Help us cool down someone else in need this summer or something similar to that. Stand out with your small business by doing something where the holidays aren’t ever present. That makes you stand out and become unique!

Create a summer theme – Hashtags are a winner. Create a summer fun theme tailored to your business. I shoot photos for clients and so anything I take this summer I create summer fun themes into all of my photoshoots even if it’s a business shoot. Make your summertime hashtag something that everyone can do even people who aren’t your clients and have a contest. The person with the most likes for the week gets something free or a discount off of your products. Don’t just stop at summer do all the major holidays and have fun. Look at Starbucks Instagram….almost every picture has something to do with the summer.

If business is slow during the summer

  • Find a fun way to promote on social media or talk to some of your followers twitter
  • Study your competition…see what they are up too during the summer
  • Learn a new skill to better yourself in your market
  • Do some research that may help reach more customers
  • Work with another business and offer coupons or specials for the summer
  • Get ready for the winter by adding something new to your business…a product, an intern, a new service
  • Look at your company plan and make sure you are still sticking to the core values
  • Take your company to another city or state for a week or two. If your company can be mobile…why not test it out in another market while having a vacation
  • If the summer months are slow find a way to cut cost but not value to your product or service

What are you doing for your business or blog this summer?

Small Business Marketing Tips for the Summer

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